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  • Web vs. Native vs. Cross-platform Apps - A Guide to Mobile App Development

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    The role of mobile app development technology is a significant in-app success. Therefore a client and the development team must take informed decision rather than relying on what others are doing. We must have complete knowledge of mobile app types, platforms, frameworks for development, and technologies used.


    Let’s check in detail. There are three types of apps, native, hybrid & cross-platform, and web apps.


    Native Apps Development Technologies

    The selection of native app development technology depends on the selection of mobile OS platform viz. iOS, Android, or Windows Mobile. Each platform prescribes own set of development technologies and tools.


    There are many advantages and disadvantages of native app development, and you must consider all in the selection process.


    Cross-Platform Apps Development Technologies

    It gives you platform independent apps to run on all mobile devices. You used to code once and deploy on each platform by wrapping codes with platform-specific wrappers.


    The most significant benefit of cross-platform app development is its cost-efficiency and native-like experiences in comparison to hybrid cross-platform apps. Performance hindrance is an issue but tolerable in various cases where it has a low emphasis on other advantages.


    Hybrid Apps Development Technologies

    It is giving apps fall in between pure native apps and pure web apps regarding user experiences, quality, and performance. Of course, it is based on web development technologies, but hybrid development frameworks enable it to access most of native features and components.


    Therefore, hybrid types of apps are far better than web apps in performance and user experiences. There are some disadvantages too, and you need to consider in the decision-making process.


    Web Apps Development Technologies

    These apps are purely browser-based and capable of accessing native features and components only within the browser’s capacities. The development technologies are completely web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JS without any native wrapping.


    It has many performance hindrances, but can be overcome with the increased capacities of HTML 5, CSS 3, and advanced JavaScript-like programming technologies, tools, and techniques.

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