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  • A Few Advantages of Cloud Hosting

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    Businesses are moving their websites to the cloud as they get far more benefits at lower costs than in the traditional hosting. Cloud hosting is a hosting platform for websites on several virtual servers and they draw their resources from a network of physical web servers.  

    There are several beneficial features in cloud server hosting in India.

    They include:
    • Simple and fast deployment:

    The deployment of the cloud servers can be done in a span of few minutes. Once the client confirms the services they want with the required subscription formalities they get access to start business instantly. It does not require any physical installation letting the clients to focus on developing their business immediately.

     • Affordable: 

    Cloud services are highly affordable. Clients pay only for the services they use which are calculated on an hourly basis. It does give them more flexibility to manage with their budget and use the resources on business expansion.

     • Reliable: 

    Cloud services are reliable. Even if one component fails resources are drawn from the other servers available on the network to guarantee there is no downtime that could affect the performance and availability of the website. 

    Cloud hosting providers offer three types of cloud services:

    • Software as a service (SaaS): Software applications can be accessed by the users via the internet.  
    • Platform as a service (PaaS): The providers offer a platform for the developers to build applications and services
    over the internet.
    • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS):  It allows the users to access all the computing resources in a virtual

    Types of services:

    Cloud hosting is available in three models of:

    • Public cloud: Resources are offered over the internet to the public to draw resources they require. 
    • Private cloud: This involves services being offered to only one entity in a private and secluded environment.
    • Hybrid cloud: It is a blend of both private and public cloud taking the best features from both. 

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