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  • Top 5 Big Data Analytics Tools in 2019

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    Today, the data is growing at an exceeding rate ranging in the exponential set of bytes. The steps to digitalization have created a colossal impact at an organizational level. The paperwork is comprised of new-found technology, over the span of year i.e; Big Data.


    The organizations are shifting towards optimized solutions in order to escalate the productivity and revenue of the same. The big data analytics companies are continuously putting their cent-percentage of efforts in developing a new set of tools, easing the efforts of the organizations to structuring the handful set of data in a defined manner.


    Recommended Tools for the Analysis of Big Data:

    All data is Big Data? NO. The data outgrown in size which is managed by intricate tools are termed as the Big Data at an organizational level.



    Reports suggest, that 70-80% of data available on the internet is in unstructured form. The main challenges lie in to extract the sourced information, followed by the need for a medium to store and performing suitable analytics operations.


    Generally, the big data is categories in two sections i.e; storage and analysis. Let’s discuss the tools used for storing and analyzing big data;



    Hadoop is the open-source software framework, licensed with Apache 2.0. It is commonly used for storing and analyzing the enormous amount of data over the clustered network of various computers.


    The tool comprises the part for storing and scaling high bandwidth data, known as Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS). Also, it consists processing model known as MapReduce processing model.


    The Apache Hadoop is scripted in Java. The big data analytics companies deliver the tools for providing flexibility to the steps of data processing. The distributed and split data along the clusters of networks allows data replication, scaling the speed of data processing.



    Cassandra is the open-source framework, licensed with Apache 2.0. it is used to manage a large set of data in an effective manner.


    It offers the suitability adherence to the tolerance of fault by replicating the data over the data centers, with the minimal risk of data loss even in the case of downtime at low latency for the clients.


    The Apache Cassandra is scripted in Java. The tool is scalable in nature with the integrated support MapReduce.



    OpenRefine, formerly known as Google Refine is licensed under BSD. It is open-source software, used to clear the clutter and creating transformation on the format, commonly known as Data Wrangling.


    It shows similarities with the database by providing specular performance for database management and visualization.


    The tool is scripted in Java. It performs its action on a diverse set of operating system such as Windows, Linux.


    The tool allows creating links amid the dataset with cell transformations consisting of multiple values.


    Microsoft Excel:

    Microsoft Excel is a known term among computer users. The Excel is developed by a team of Microsoft used on various platforms such as Windows, Linux, Android and IOS.


    This is considered as one of the traditional means of managing the set of data or big data for developing organizations. It is the spreadsheet, offering the feasibility to link the sets in specific row and columns with vital calculation implementations.


    One can use different versions of Excel for summarizing the data based on the level of requirement for the analysis of data.



    RapidMiner is the open-source big data tool. It is developed for performing the integrated operations of machine learning, data analysis and predictive analysis.


    It works on cross-platform of the operating system. The big data analytics companies offer the support to an organization lacking in any manner as a third-party resource for the accessibility of storing numerous database.


    RapidMiner helps in building the setup of predictive analysis and follow the process of data mining, data filtering, data merging etc.


    In Conclusion:

    The big data analytics tools bolster in analyzing the pre-requisite factors of a business through a refined set of big data.


    The organization can reach the zenith of success in no time if the in-house team or outsourced entity employ the adequate use of listed big data tools in their business based on their obligations.

    Top 5 Big Data Analytics Tools in 2019

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