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  • Advantages & Disadvantages of Using AWS LAMBDA with Advanced Features

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    AWS Lambda Provide us the environment where code can run without managing servers. So we can say that AWS Lambda is an event-driven computing platform. Lambda function runs when events occur and code run resides into the system and automatically manages the compute resources required by that code.


    One very important thing about using Lambda function of AWS that customers only pay for the service when functions executed.


    AWS Lambda supports different languages like Java, nodejs, python.


    We can use AWS Lambda function with the help of AWS API Gateway. Where we can create API's for calling Lambda function.

    DisAdvantages of using AWS Lambda

    1. Vendor control / lock-in : we'll don't have some control of our system to the cloud provider. In the case of an outage, we will be affected as well most probably.
      So migrating codebase from one provider to the other won't be possible without code changes.

    2. Multitenancy: Multitenancy means where multiple customers are running on the same host. This can cause problems both in security, robustness, and

      performance (like a high load customer causing another to slow down).


    Advantages of using AWS Lambda

    1. Reduced cost: we can do computing without any server as an outsourced infrastructure, sometimes we are paying for managing our servers.

    2. Using AWS LAMBDA Technology we cut the cost because we are using services not to pay extra attention to maintain machines.

    3. Reduced scaling cost: we only have to pay for the resources we actually are using, without using any server can bring a big cost cut for you.

    4. Easier operational management: As the automatic scaling logic of our infrastructure is handled by the vendor.


    Below is the link for getting started for AWS LAMBDA.


    Features of AWS LAMBDA

    1. AWS Lambda runs only within the AWS environment.

    2. AWS Lambda can be used for scheduling by using any external event timers.

    3. Lambda functions are stateless, so they can quickly scale.

    4. More than one Lambda function can be added to a single source.

    5. AWS Lambda executes fast. Lambda executes code within milliseconds.

    6. AWS Lambda manages all of the resources required for Lambda function and we can easily monitor through CloudWatch.
    Thanks for the read. Please feel free to share your views on AWS LAMDA in comment section below.
    Advantages & Disadvantages of Using AWS LAMBDA with Advanced Features

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