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  • Agile vs. Scrum Process - An Overview & Difference

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    There are many methods of software development today. This is an important element of modern technology. It assists the hardware sections to operate in a way that brings the desired results. This also helps to process data into information. The creation of software is performed using a number of important steps.


    Traditionally, it was developed through a waterfall method. However, new methods have been invented. An outstanding example is Agile. It provides a major advantage over the waterfall method of assisting developers to create high value software rapidly with short delivery cycles. Another example is Scrum. For many software developers, Agile and Scrum are quite similar. However, they have some stark differences.



    Here is an explanation of Agile vs. Scrum.

    What is Agile?

    This is a software development methodology which was innovated to create software that’s adaptable to change. Within Agile, there is no deep plan in the beginning of the project. The developers simply respond to changing software requirements which emerge throughout the length of the software development process. In Agile, developers encourage the users to give consistent feedback. This is so that there can be an iterative and incremental development in creating the software.


    In Agile, the software development steps are granted priority according to business importance or customer value. Moreover, the teams involved work in a cross-functional method. As such, multiple iterations of software can be analyzed over a specific period of time. In every iteration, the target is to create a working product.


    What is Scrum?

    This is an approach which is used to implement Agile. Scrum enables the development of software using an iterative approach. Within Scrum, there are specific elements which are known as sprints. It allows a tech company to ship software frequently. Each sprint lasts between 1 and 2 weeks. At the end of each sprint, the development team and stakeholders hold a meeting. Here, they plan out the next steps of software development.


    In the Scrum approach, the roles and responsibilities of each developer and stakeholder are laid out clearly. Each sprint has steps such as:


    • Sprint planning
    • Stand-up
    • Sprint retrospective
    • Sprint demo


    The progress of development needs to be visually represented. For this purpose, there are burn-down charts and task boards as well. Not only do they provide information on the progress of a sprint, they also give the developers and stakeholders some feedback on an incremental basis.



    Discover the main differences between Agile and Scrum



    • Agile is a software development strategy which focuses purely on the satisfaction of the customer. It provides shippable versions of software rapidly. On the other hand, Scrum is an approach which is used for implementing Agile. If a project has rapidly changed requirements, Scrum is implemented in its development.
    • Agile is a set of guiding principles. They can be adapted to fit the software project at hand. In contrast, Scrum is a set of very specific rules. They are rigid and usually applied during the implementation of Agile software development.
    • Various software development methodologies can be described as Agile in nature. They include those which implement an incremental, iterative development process. Examples of these methodologies are Scrum, Extreme Programming (XP) and Kanban among others. As such, Agile is a style of software development while Scrum is one of the strategies that follow this style.
    • Agile was developed as a replacement for the Waterfall model of software development. As such, it is an innovation designed to provide an easier and faster way of creating software. On the other hand, Scrum is simply a framework that can be used to implement the Agile model.
    • Agile uses a project management approach which is disciplined. Elements such as best practices, rapid delivery, and business relevance are implemented in each project. On the other hand, Scrum implements a simple framework. It is a combination of sprints which are used to guide the software development process.
    • Agile is an independent software development methodology on its own. It is unique from others, such as the Waterfall method. As such, it cannot be combined with any other methodology for software creation. On the other hand, Scrum is a flexible framework. It can be combined with others such as Kanban. In this case, the best characteristics of both frameworks are combined so as to create an environment which is conducive for rapid software production with ample support. The combination of these frameworks creates Scrumban.


    Software development has evolved. Today, programmers use methodologies such as Agile to create products and implement them as fast as possible. Within this methodology, there are frameworks such as Scrum. They help to create projects rapidly with the inclusion of stakeholders. The differences between Agile and Scrum are discussed above. By understanding these programming elements, you can develop successful projects for your clients!

    Agile vs. Scrum Process - An Overview & Difference

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