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  • Importance of Agile Management and Online Project Management for DBAs

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    Successful businesses today are adopting IT solutions to optimize their operations. From personnel management tools, accounting systems, and supply chain management software to security management, IT solutions come in handy. 


    With digitization of more processes in business, there is an increase in data volumes, which necessitates the need for a database. This is even more urgent for businesses leveraging internet technologies. As a database service, there are unlimited opportunities across all industries as demand for professional database administration (DBA) increases. 


    Leveraging Agile Management in DBA


    However, the database management industry has become viciously competitive and this calls for new thinking in your operations. Your operations strategy has to change to incorporate agile management in project management. In agile project management, the entire project is divided into small sections which are completed in progression.


    Once an iteration or small task is completed, the team comes together to review it and invites the client’s representatives. The outcome from these discussions will determine what course of action will be taken next. In agile management, project iteration should take around 2 weeks to complete. 


    As a DB, you appreciate the problems that come with every project and as these problems accumulate, there is danger of the project being derailed. This affects the quality of services you deliver to your client. In the agile manifesto which you adopt, there are maxims of continuous improvement as the project proceeds and a lot of flexibility is allowed throughout the course of the project.


    Unlike traditional DBA methods, DBA services by Remote leverage agile management techniques which ensure a win-win for the client and your team. Some of the advantages of agile project management include:


    1.       Better Customer Satisfaction


    The best thing about agile development is the fact that the client is involved throughout the project. Agile project management allows high visibility and flexibility, which means the client’s changes can easily be integrated in the course of the development. This leads to higher levels of customer satisfaction. Delivery of DBA tools to the market is faster and there is always agreement throughout the project.


    2.       Excellent Services


    In database administration, one of the major complaints you come across is poor services. By incorporating agile development in the course of the DBA project, you are assured of high-quality services as the project owner is engaged and any changes are made early. Issues are addressed earlier than in traditional DBA and you have minimal complaints to address. Continuous integration and daily testing is one reason you have fewer issues to handle in the course of the database management.


    3.       Less Risk of Failure


    If you are a client, you have most likely heard of DBA processes which have failed completely. As a DBA, you should also be aware of the risk of total failure of a project. In traditional DBA, issues are not acted upon quickly as the major focus seems to be on the completion of the processes. With agile DBA management, you always have a working project and changes are made continually, thus reducing any risk of failure.


    There are many other advantages of agile project management for database companies including higher ROI, better project control, higher motivation in your team, increased collaboration and ownership, more relevant metrics and much more.


    Author Bio

    Sujain Thomas is a database consultant with over 26 years’ experience in the industry. She is an expert in DBA services by Remote Sujain lives with his family in New York. To learn more about database administration, click this link.

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