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  • Angular2 vs React vs Ember vs Aurelia JavaScript Frameworks - Which is Best?

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    Are you still planning to build web applications based on a plain JavaScript?


    No Way!


    With the modern age of rapid app development, we require much better ways to develop the web applications and this is where a JavaScript framework outshines everything else. JS frameworks are considered as the skeletal framework of the single page web application development and offer amazing support to the plain JavaScript and the HTML. Let us consider the top leveling JS frameworks of all times and understand which one wins the battle or rather suit your requirement.


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    Angular2 JavaScript Development Framework


    Google’s AngularJS is revered as the most popular JavaScript frameworks of all time. It offers super powers to the basic HTML by adding all the required features to develop an interactive user interface. It is the most used JavaScript framework for Single Page Web Applications also it is well-supported by the biggest developer community to provide extensive support and ease of work. But AngularJS has its own set of limitations, especially in its interpretation and conventions of MVC pattern. Apart from that, Angular has long been afflicted by the issues related to performance. A developer needs to retune, improvise on some of the codes to start working effectively after the page load. However, a 5X faster than previous versions, a completely new syntax and modern framework is the new Angular version, the Angular2. It comes with almost everything you require to develop an amazing front-end website. However, complicated directive API, hard to debug scopes and router limitations acts as a disadvantage to the prestige of otherwise amazing Angular2.


    Who Should Consider Angular2?


    AngularJS remains the most highly revered client-side framework. It offers a great choice for someone starting a new project. Angular 2.0 is written in TypeScript. All libraries have good type bindings. The IntelliJ never stumble. A survey has revealed that a large majority of developers would love to choose a frame work using Typescript. Some other key features make it suitable for large enterprises.


    React JavaScript Development Framework


    A mere 43KB minified Facebook’s very own React JavaScript. It is a library and not a complete framework. Backed with extensive community support and a solid foundation, it is used for handling the view layer for the web applications and build reusable UI components. It is used on both server and client side and utilizes virtual DOM to enhance the application’s performance. In React, the views are exclusively a mapping of the application state to the HTML elements. Many developers have strong disapproval for React’s JSX and Inline templating. Also, there is no support to the two-way data binding.


    Who Should Consider ReactJS?


    If you believe in simple libraries more than a complete framework, ReactJS can be your primary choice. If you have updated an existing code, this framework will pull out the UI pieces and redo the same, thereby simplifying the process.If you have new and existing projects, concerned about maintainability or writing a large or medium scale app, React could turn out to be a great choice.  


    Ember JavaScript Development Framework


    I also have Ember, ‘a framework for creating ambitious web applications’. It is free, open source and actually the most amazing library that I have ever come across to query the API layer and get data easily into the app store. Although it is good for the REST API querying, if you want to fetch the data that is not bound by the REST standards, you would end up writing the ajax requests (your own) using the jQuery middleware. You can add a lot of Ember add-ons (extensions) to your application with one terminal command (Ember install). However, only a few of the Ember add-ons are written from the scratch. The majority of them are the ports of the prevailing jQuery libraries. No server-side rendering. Ember Fastboot not stable and is lacking in features as compared to the Rest Community software.


    Who Should Consider Ember?


    If you are a Ruby shop or want to write the web apps, Ember framework is an amazing choice. For the people who are looking for an all-tools-included framework and want something proven and reliable, Ember offers a great choice.


    Aurelia JavaScript Development Framework


    Up next is Aurelia. It was officially announced on January 26th, 2015. Frankly speaking, Aurelia is not assisted by some mega-corp with endless troves of cash, well that doesn’t mean it is not capable to become the leading JS framework for development. Aurelia is a mixed bag. It is more elegant and easier to understand than React and Angular2. The Syntax is much simpler and more self-explanatory than the Angular 2. It uses unique conventions instead of the very own boilerplate code and syntax. Unlike Angular 2, it uses no special characters. Aurelia’s learning curve is a lot steeper than that of React's and similar to Angular 2. Aurelia lacks the flamboyance community support, it is rather tiny. You are pretty much on your own as the third-party component libraries do not exist. React's ecosystem is huge and with plenty of component libraries, Angular 2’s community is growing at a fast pace.


    Who Should Consider Aurelia?


    If you are a fan of web components, need high-speed performance, appreciate clean syntax and want a framework that doesn’t get in your way too much Aurelia is for you.


    Is there something like a Perfect JavaScript Framework?


    I believe that the JavaScript frameworks are often more than a matter of work style or the personal preference than the actual functionality or performance. In most of the cases, by trying to find the Perfect Framework, a developer delays the eventual decision making. Choosing the perfect JavaScript framework to boost the ability for delivering effective and competitive web apps which suit your project needs has become quintessential. It requires a thorough knowledge and in-depth idea about the merits and demerits of each framework. Gauge various project parameters like the dependencies, interoperability, size, features, etc. and then choose the suitable framework.

    Angular2 vs React vs Ember vs Aurelia JavaScript Frameworks - Which is Best?

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