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  • Four Easy Ways To Test Your NestJs Application Using Jest

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    As the top web programmers strive to remain at the forefront of the current changes in the developing world. Also, we strive to work with recent additions in terms of tools and software for web development that can improve software development. Speaking of advantageous developing tools, NestJS is a framework that is increasing in popularity among app developers in India.


    Four Easy Ways To Test Your Nestjs Application Using Jest


    With features such as increased scalability and maintainability, it’s easy to see why. Additionally, the NestJS framework allows its users to write automated tests. NestJS has the capability to do so because of the below-mentioned features/ reasons:


    • The framework is written in Typescript
    • A design pattern which is known as Dependency Injection    
    • It comes with an inbuilt Javascript testing framework known as Jest

    It’s no secret that software development is a huge industry, therefore, it goes without saying that numerous app development companies in India use NestJS for their app or web development endeavours. A common problem that web developers tend to face is how to test their NestJS application using Jest.


    To help alleviate a common problem, today’s article will be focusing on the aforementioned problem. Without further ado, below are the top easy ways to test their NestJS application using Jest.


    Good Testing Practices

    It’s not enough to just know about good testing practices, you have to apply them to ensure that you have a well- tested backend. Start by familiarizing yourself with a practice known as a testing pyramid. This practice entails that you use simpler testing practices and avoiding the more complicated ones.


    NestJS has three automated tests, which include: end to end tests, unit and integration tests. Unit is simpler and hence, recommended.


    Another testing practice is known as KISS to stand for, Keep It Short Stupid. This means that you focus on the logic that is of most value to help save on time, money and improve on quality. Also, always use the Test Driven Development technique to keep your tests reliable and useful. Be sure to focus on testing the result of the method you’ve used, instead of the other details.


    Using Typescript

    Typescript is fully supported by Nest. Regardless of how time-consuming it can be, Typescript is known to help keep bugs at bay. It also ensures that your codes are more robust and accurate, which increases your chances of success.


    Write Using Nest Testing Tools and Jest

    Granted, there are a number of testing frameworks that we as web programmers in India can choose from. However, Jest is designed to help simplify the process of writing tests. If you are a beginner, we definitely recommend using this framework.


    Notably, you’ll have a variety of Nest testing tools to choose from. For instance, the TestingModule integrates the module and every provider that you may be in need of.


    Write And End To End Test

    Any web programmer will be quick to admit that ETE testing is difficult and time- consuming. Well, both Jest and NetJS simplify the entire process. Often the first step is to call APIServer and then use the Jest function known as spyOn. This stimulates an HTTP response.


    Always start by setting up the dependencies of the test before you can call beforeAll. Then, be sure to import two modules and call the createNestApplication method. This aforementioned step should simulate the real app.


    After writing your test, you can check test coverage by going to your package.json file, and then the Jest configuration and be sure to add collectCoverage: true to it. This will give you a full report on your test.


    In conclusion, using Jest to test your NestJS application shouldn’t be difficult. With the above four mentioned steps, you’ll be well on your way to writing a successful test. If you’re in need to hire web developers, be sure to contact us. We offer reasonable prices for our services.

    Four Easy Ways To Test Your NestJs Application Using Jest

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