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  • Announcing A Blockchain-Based Social Overlay - Cryptocurrency

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    Snax is coming up with a blockchain overlay that has the intention of achieving the most popular social media to build an economy of people’s cooperation.


    The basic utility token of DPOS blockchain is is a platform which allows us to measure the value of a public content positively and reward publishers without presuming social platforms to change established business models.SNAX provides free accounts registration, quick transactions, donation system and also the prospect to create apps.



    Image Source: Pexels


    Why snax is different?


    Here we are concentrating on saving on mass UX and previously affected networks. It means that we don’t need to change the common way of using favorite social platforms to engage in Snax economy .simply keep publishing and check your Snax balance sometimes.


    No matter if you are a new user, you need not to be worried about the process of getting engaged to it. For any user Snaxoffers two basic ways to engage:


    1.    Publisher rewards must be collected regularly

    2.    Donations are sent and received


    In both the cases, we can realize it is through Social transaction mechanism, it is a key feature of the snax blockchain. Any account on the social platform has the possibility to send SNAX through a social transaction, combined into SNAX. A special part of social transaction mechanism is an opportunity to send tokens to an account whose owner has not registered on Snax till now.




    79 per cent of total 100,000,000,000 goes to Regular Publisher Rewards from the SNAX supply. Snax collects data permanently from social media as Reddit and Twitter and the rewards are paid to the users as the promotion to influence them to keep them engage in their content.


    Snax foundation is not going to raise the stake on the ICO to in case of that it will make a 21% pre-mine to develop software and ecosystem, Snax will be moving to full Dpos democracy while SNAX tokens, held on accounts not affiliated with Snax foundation, exceed the amount of 15,000,000,000 SNAX.


    Main milestones


    You must be curious to know what are you going to get in it? The SNAX roadmap comes up with the following main features:


    1. The Most popular platforms that we have for social transactions are Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook etc.


    2. Collectible tokens support with the donation system

    3.  An amazing marketing platform with decentralized social media

    4.    Marketing platform has decentralized influencer


    The launch of Snax main net will be in the 4th quarter of 2018. The entire new snax user, who binds their twitter account, will get an SNAX airdrop of 50 SNAX to try the service. What else you need for outstanding marketing when you have such an amazing option to go with? Social media is now one of the best platforms for promotion and marketing as most of the people of our generation is into social media. Let's join hands in order to build a new social economy together! 

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