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  • Application Layer Protocols

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    The application layer provides an interface between software running on a computer and network itself.

    There are various application layer protocols, majorly used ones are listed below :


    • Allows to access web page.
    • 80 port number


    • Telnet is used for terminal emulation.
    • Allows a user sitting on a remote machine to access the resource of another machine.
    • 23 port number


    • Allows you to transfer files fromone machine to another.
    • Allows access to both directories and files.
    • 20, 21 port number


    • Is stripped down version of FTP
    • Has no directories browsing abilities
    • Can only send and receive files
    • Uses UDP for data transfer and hence faster but not reliable.
    • 69 port number


    • Simple network management protocol
    • Enable a central management of network.
    • Using SNMP admin can watch the entire network
    • SNMP works with TCP/IP
    • It uses UDP for transportation of data
    • E.g. Solarwind, whasup gold, HP openner.
    • 161 port number


    • Dynamic host configuration protocol
    • Dynamically assign IP address to host
    • Works with DORA (Discover Offer Request Acknowledgement) process.
    • 67,68 port number.


    • Domain name service
    • Resolves fully qualified domain name (FQDN) with IP address.
    • Maintain database for IP address and hostname
    • 53 port number

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