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  • Best PHP 7 Tutorials For Complete Beginners

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    As the last official release of php was PHP 5. The community decided to skip the official release for PHP 6 and after a decade they decided to launch the official version as PHP7.


    PHP 7 has been praised to be the best ever versions of PHP till now. PHP 7 came out with some important changes over the previous versions of PHP, PHP7 is has praises for good speed and performance. PHP 7 also introduced new operator and new scalar type declarations. PHP 7 includes some new methods for error handling a new hierarchy, type error and new types such as int, float, string, and boolean.


    Some great resources are available which can be used to start learning PHP 7. There are some resources that are available for free and some of them charge for accessing the tutorials.But before going for php7 I will provide some good free resources that will help learn about the previous versions.


    1- PHP Manual

    2- Tizag tutorial for PHP

    3- The Learn PHP Tutorial providing videos

    4- PHP tutorial by w3schools

    5- PHP academy video tutorial

    6- TutorialsPoint a dedicated site for the php programming that helps the beginners   

    The links and name of the site for learning PHP7 are as below:


    1. PHP 7 Documentation

    One should prioritize learning by using the resources provided by the community that develops the technology. Hence PHP7 Documentation is the first that is free resource and the best resource to learn. But one should have the basic understanding of the technology to know how it rose to current level. As It's not like the every thing has been changed in PHP 7 hence in order to learn from the docs, one must have the basic understanding of PHP basics.


    2. PHP Today Blog for PHP

    Its a free forum-based blog that is dedicated for PHP for php learning. It’s a great place to learn about new changes that are being made in the PHP world. Here we can find important tips, hints,news related to php.


    3. The Complete PHP7 Guide for web developers

    This is a resourse that provides course based learning. Here one can learn basics of PHP 7. Here one can find good videos related to basic PHP7.


    4. PHP 7 Tutorial

    This is one of the great resource for the beginners. Here once can find the tutorials for the previous vesion of php as well as PHP7. This tutorial provide the learning resource for setting up the development environment.


    5- PHP 7 Up and Running

    In this tutorial one can find resources in the form of video tutorials.Here one can find learning material related to PHP 7. It provides 7 free lessons on PHP 7. A great resource for a PHP developer who wants to learn new features.


    6- Learn PHP 7, Find out What's New and More

    This site is a hub for webdevelopers to share their passion and knowledge to build good resource for others to learn and share. One need to subscribe for free access of the resources. One can find video tutorials here.It is a good resource to learn PHP7 for beginners.


    7- Learning PHP7 Book

    It is a good book for newbies who want to start learning PHP and also PHP 7. The book can be purchased from site itself.They will also provide access to e-book and video tutorials once the book is purchased.In this book one can find numerous examples and the examples have been explaned. Below are some more books that are good resource for learning php7.Bellow are some good books to learn PHP7


    PHP7 From Scratch

    This is yet another book to learn php7 which can be ordered online.


    Learning PHP | A Gentle Introduction to the Web's Most Popular Language. PHP 7 Explained is another good book that can be purchased online.


    It's a good practice to use the most stable version of a technology for learning and developing applications. One can learn from online tutorials that I have mentioned above. I started working and learning with php 5 because at that time PHP5 was the most stable version.

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