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  • Latest and Dominating PHP Development Trends in 2021

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    We have already started with 2021, and all we can expect is a year of technology and up-gradation. Talking about PHP, it is one of the highly preferred server-side programming languages. Being a platform-independent and extensible programming language, it is easy to learn and use. Since it is open-source, you don’t need to wait till its next release hits the market. You just need to keep an eye on the PHP development trends.


    Before jumping into the list of latest and dominating PHP development trends in 2021, let’s understand why we should use PHP.


    • Helps in building complex, reliable, and fast web applications.

    • Large variety of PHP frameworks available depending on your business needs, app development timeframe, hosting plans, and experience level.

    • And, much more.

    PHP Development Trends in 2021

    1. Cloud Integration

    Integrating PHP with cloud to develop web applications is a leading trend in 2021. Nowadays, businesses are investing more and more in building cloud infrastructure. Because, cloud offers omnipresent access to your data, files, and other infrastructure stored.


    Some benefits of cloud integration are less infrastructure cost, a high level of security, and flexibility. In 2021, merging PHP websites into the cloud is a winning approach with existing massive popularity.


    2.Blend with IoT

    PHP web development tools always go well with IoT. To understand better, PHP tools are complex virtual structures of different technologies whereas IoT (internet of things) technology is a structure of 3 different layers, ready to improve with a dynamic language collaboration.


    Some PHP frameworks like Laravel, Codeigniter, and Symfony are the best options to collaborate with IoT to make it a better solution feasible. If blended with IoT, PHP provides the best possible support to every PHP development company. Because developers can build new ways for app users like never done before.


    3.Smart Chatbots

    In the past several years, chatbots have successfully made their place while winning over consumers. The mechanism of chatbots works on the basis of machine learning or ML and artificial intelligence or AI. According to 2021 PHP trends, you need to build smart and creative chatbots with PHP.


    Using PHP language, developers can develop chatbots in less time as compared to other traditional methods. Because PHP offers you multiple libraries to choose from with APIs, in web development services.



    PHP language and its tools are well-known for providing robust cybersecurity solutions for your website and other applications. The need for cybersecurity is imperative with the ever-increasing trend of shopping and paying on online portals. Due to multiple options and convenience of purchasing, consumers are opting for online shopping more, over visiting physical stores.


    And, this trend has significantly changed the trend of paying cash. Credit/debit cash, digital wallets, and other mediums have taken over cash greatly. This has invited hackers to perform thefts.

    Using PHP to build online payment gateways, you can provide your consumers with a way more secure financial transactions environment than others. This PHP development trend is being adopted widely nowadays.


    5.AI Integration

    AI or Artificial Intelligence is a global trend. It is opening new opportunities in different technological spheres as AI encourages creative thinking amongst developers. The use of PHP for AI applications is steadily gaining popularity amongst the developers due to its accuracy, efficiency, and robustness.

    Final Words

    PHP is a wonderful language that has been widely being used for the past 20 years. It’s powerful built, libraries, and frameworks give the developers power to develop almost anything from a simple web application to complex software. Getting the most of any programming language or software completely depends on your ability to manipulate it with the currently ongoing trends.


    In this post, I’ve mentioned some of the dominating trends in PHP web development that are all set to change the game for developers as well businesses. I hope I was able to convey the same to you in an appropriate manner.

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