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  • Blockchain games going one step ahead with Unreal Engine Graphics

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    The gaming industry is witnessing significant changes. Thanks to innovative technologies. There have been a series of technological developments taking place in this sector. Thus, it makes it possible for gamers to have far better and advanced quality games. We are familiar with the fact that new and disruptive tech developments are being made constantly in this sector, which makes it possible for any game development company to deliver products that surpass the wildest imagination of gamers. It is, therefore, hardly surprising that the games released these days ensure the optimum engagement of all ardent gamers within the gaming community. However, with so many awesome games being introduced all the time, game developers now face the challenge of introducing even better-quality games that can keep their gamers engaged and come back for more.      


    Blockchain games going one step ahead with Unreal Engine Graphics


    It naturally posits the question of what can be the new development in the world of gaming that the gamers may want and appreciate. One of the latest developments in gaming is the introduction of Unreal Engine Graphics and its potential to help people earn money while playing their favorite games. Now a gamer can earn money by playing games. This is a much better way to get existing and new gamers interested in playing Unreal Engine blockchain games than offering them other virtual benefits or goodies.   


    Blockchain and gaming 

    You have all heard how Blockchain technology is based on the principle of decentralization and how it's affecting various aspects of our day-to-day lives as we speak. Now Blockchain technology is all set to transform the world of gaming for all gaming enthusiasts. The unique thing about Blockchain technology is that it can help to convert digital assets from the games into real-world assets like NFTs or non-fungible tokens.   


    As the demand for NFTs or non-fungible tokens is constantly on the rise, there has been a tremendous advancement in the world of the Blockchain gaming industry. Hence, more and more people can dive deep into the whole play-to-earn game trends. Substantial growth figures have been evident with the NFTs, and almost 148% growth has been recorded in Q1 of 2022. Even though the gaming industry had to deal with a stagnant market situation, there has been a rise in the price of AXS or Axie Infinity Shards, the leading blockchain game at the present moment. 


    There are now multiple game development studios experimenting and working with blockchain technology for developing new and innovative games. Companies like Atari have come up with their token with a blockchain division. Another notable name is Giant Ubisoft, and they have also joined the world of blockchain gaming and become a partner with Blockchain Game Alliance or BGA. Many companies are now looking to hire Unreal Engine game developers for the value they can bring to the table.  


    Nevertheless, it is significant to note that blockchain gaming still has a long way to go and be a part of the mainstream gaming culture. At present, many of the games developed in this sphere come associated with only 2D animations and standard gaming features. This is why; Gold Fever is trying to change this gaming trend. It has already become one of the best 10 NFT gaming titles in 2021. 


    Demand for advanced level Unreal Engine blockchain games

    Currently, one of the most loved blockchain games is the Axie Infinity which is a significant advancement compared to the features that come with Crypto Kitties. Nevertheless, Axie Infinity has drawn some flak due to the basic graphics and limited gameplay features that come with it. It is believed with the increasing popularity of the Unreal Engine blockchain games several issues can be put to rest. The problem with Axie Infinity is that it is created to provide players with the opportunity of generating money instead of providing them with an immersive gaming experience. 


    Ardent gamers and crypto enthusiasts are looking for an opportunity to play a highly immersive and fully-fledged AAA video game that allows them to have a powerful gaming experience. An AAA video game that makes use of blockchain technology can deliver hours of great fun while at the same time providing them with a scope to earn money. For this reason, Gold Fever and other similar games have become popular these days. 


    The Gold Fever works as an MMORPG title that uses the engine and offers the best modern graphics. It uses the same technology that has long been used for creating major gaming hits like Cuphead, Pokmon Go, Hearthstone, and Pillars of Eternity. Such an ambitious endeavor makes it stand out from the standard 2D collector games that most people have become accustomed to.


    In-game economics and their increasing importance 

    One of the reasons for which the services and expertise offered by the Unreal Engine game development company is going to be more significant in the coming years is because they can help to create AAA games that provide a powerful gaming experience while at the same time offer stellar blockchain features. A game like Gold Fever not only offers superior graphics and high-end gameplay features, but it provides excellent scopes for people to earn money. The various items present in the game, such as vehicles, essential items, buildings, and wearable equipment can be used as NFTs that can be traded and used in transactions. 


    The players inside the game can use several ways to create crypto through the in-game tasks or professions. In the game, the players can work as a scavenger, and look for the rarest loot. It enables them to gain valuable items and purchase a mining license. The gamers can also evolve into gold tycoons and hire other players to work for them and mine gold in the process.   


    The game also allows users to generate a passive income by buying NFT buildings such as airfields, stores, and staples. They will allow players to make the most of the virtual real estate that they have access to. They can also work with a non-player character or NPC to carry out business tasks, manage the selling of items and handle other tasks like repairs and rentals. 


    The increasing appeal of the NFT gaming trends

    Several factors lead to the ever-increasing popularity of the NFT games. Lets have a look at some of them below. 

    • The Unreal Engine blockchain games will add more value to the whole gaming process than what people are currently used to. The reason is that people appreciate the fact     that they will have a real and tangent return from gaming, something that they never thought they could have before.
    • The blockchain-based gaming technology will allow gamers to gain     complete control over their whole gaming experience. Gamers can now sell items, get involved in trading, and earn returns from their future sales. They can perform several in-game tasks that can help them to drive their earnings further.
    • New technologies along with blockchain will be introduced in the coming years. It will further ensure the end-users have a stellar gaming experience every time. Games should not only provide people with an opportunity to convert virtual assets into real assets but offer them an engaging gaming experience. This is why game development companies are now trying to create new ways to achieve this goal.
    • The NFT collectibles that gamers can collect from one game can also be used with other games. The NFTs are based on blockchain technology. Hence, they are preserved in a decentralized system. It means no one can steal them. The NFTs can help the gamers to enjoy complete control over the games and the returns they obtain from them.        


    Considering the current trends of gaming as it's prevalent these days, it is safe to assume that the Unreal Engine blockchain games will become more popular as more AAA games come to the fore. The unique thing about these games is that they can help users easily convert all types of virtual assets into real-life money, and this is why they are going to strike a chord with more and more gamers. It is safe to assume that the games we will see in the coming decades will be based on blockchain technology. Virtual in-game economies will be more and more prevalent with upcoming games, and we will see more of their applications in the coming days.      

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