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  • How Much Does It Cost to Make a Gaming App

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    Today, there are lots of people looking for mobile applications to have the best past time, and wants to make some money with apps keeps increasing. Understanding this, lots of business people are relying on mobile applications for various purposes. When you think of creating the mobile application, the first and foremost thing that comes into consideration is which game app development company to hire and how much the mobile app's cost. Today, the mobile application development area is becoming the hot market where a massive number of people are employing in these activities.



    With smart technologies like augmented reality and virtual reality, the gaming community is more excited than ever, and massive developers leverage them from gaming. So, what is the cost of developing the gaming application? If this is your question, you should understand the factors to decide the price of the app. Continue reading to find the elements.


    Choose the mobile OS


    You need to choose between Android, iOS, window, Blackberry, or other options. The platform you want should be useful and work for the overall development expenses. For example, payment integration and administration system in the Apple devices is 10 to 20 percent, and the cost will be high when you go with the android devices. On the other hand, android development costs will be based on version devices as well. If you choose the hybrid model, you may need to pay more. However, choosing this model will be suitable as you can enjoy the significant market share, and the scope of the revenue will be high.


    Work on the game design


    If you are on the planning stage regarding the levels, target users, gameplay, game environment, etc., all these should be documented clearly. Without a definite plan, further processes will be complicated to control and coordinate mobile game development. Also, the product may have some glitches and inconsistencies for the development process.


    Decide the plot and characters


    The plots and characters are significant aspects when it comes to the gaming app. It is difficult for the app to engage the players until the end of the game. The character design will usually involve the decision based on the personality dialect and tone of the different game characters, and they are behavioral depending on the users. 


    When you choose the experienced game planners, it can charge between $30 and $80 per hour based on the app.  Several experts advise choosing near-shore or in-hours developers for planning as it involves a lot of communication between the ideators and the professionals.  The game development will include the technical part where and so it is better to look for the professional to have a better and high-quality app.


    Know the complexities included in the app development process


    If you are ready with the idea, the next stage is all about the research on the development of mobile applications. It is the most cost-intensive step, and it is most apparent to know the crucial one. If you analyze the technical development, estimate the diverse types of games to have specific rough ideas on the app development process. Here is some classification based on the complexities of the app.


    Mini-Games: This is the category that incorporates low budget game apps. If you are looking to build from scratch, it will have the app less than $10K. However, you may not expect more from such apps.


    Simple 2D casual games: Several small budget mobile apps fall in this category. It is the most reasonable option to have the best performing app in the market. It incorporates several features to make the app engaging among the audience.


    Mid-level mobile game apps: If you are affordable with a high budget, it is the right category you need to choose.  You can have apps in-depth in several aspects like levels, characters, story, and impactful visuals.


    High-level mobile game apps: It is the category usually focused by the VCs, and experts in the industry develop them. It is also a high risk and high reward market. The games at this level are well designed and emerge out of the intense planning and designing.  


    Apart from this, it would help if you also looked for the cost of testing and marketing. Not all the mobile game app development companies will offer marketing support, but considering this as an additional factor is necessary for avoiding hassles in the later stage.


    The Bottom Line


    Overall, when you are designing the mobile app, all these are the factors that decide the cost of the mobile game app. So, it is impossible to say a particular amount when it comes to such an app development process. Have detailed research on these factors and approach the right game app development company and discuss the requirements. It will help you to establish the criteria over the best-designed apps.

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  • You'll probably spend $3000 for a hyper-casual game. That's if you are not a developer or designer. Obviously, if you are either 1. you get the cost lower. but will have you spending more on time. 
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