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  • C# : What's the difference between String and string.txt ?

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    string is an alias in C# for System.String. Hence internally, there is no difference. It's like int vs. System.Int32. Even though both are same it's generally recommended to use string any time you're referring to an object.

    e.g. string place = "test";

    The only minute difference is that if you use the String class, you need to import the System namespace on top of your file, whereas it is not required to do so this when using the string keyword.

    Many developers prefer to declare a string variable with string but use the String class when accessing one of its static members.

    eg. String.Format()

    We can also look at the two(string vs String) as below:

    String --> Referring to a class
    string --> Referring to the object

    Following is the list of more aliases in C#:

    object : System.Object

    string : System.String

    bool : System.Boolean

    byte : System.Byte

    sbyte : System.SByte

    short : System.Int16

    ushort : System.UInt16

    int : System.Int32

    uint : System.UInt32

    long : System.Int64

    ulong : System.UInt64

    float : System.Single

    double : System.Double

    decimal: System.Decimal

    char : System.Char

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