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    Answer it

    Im a Network Admin and start Learning Programming,I start with C and reading a book. anyone can help answer and explain to me how to come up with it.

    1.Write a structure that is to be used with a binary tree. The structure is to hold title name and phone number of everyone in your city or town.

    2.Write a code for the data type that is necessary to create a data type that will store a social security number of the format 999-99~9999. Dont use simple character array,Use structure.

 2 Answer(s)

  • Here is the general syntax of declaring a structure
    struct structure_name
    data_type variable_name1;
    data_type variable_name2;
    data_type variable_nameN;
    You can create any custome data type using structure.

    1. For your first question, you can use following structure
      struct node { char name[100]; char phoneNumber[16]; struct node *left; struct node *right; }

    2. For your second question you can use following structure
      struct node { int left, middle, right; }

    I will recommend you to check this C tutorial on structure and binary tree data structure.

  • When they are talking about structures in C, they mean struct. A struct is a lot like a class except a struct 's data members will be public by default.


    struct Title{ string name; string phone_number;


    //data type is another name for struct too

    struct SSN{ string prefix ="999"; string center="99"; string post="9999"; };

    Now, within the struct you can create methods to validate the numbers and other information.

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