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  • Capybara Finders

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    Finders should be very powerful to locate elements on the webpage. Capybara provides a wide range of finders to locate the elements:

    • find
    • find_field
    • find_link
    • find_button
    • find_by_id
    • find_labeled

    Let's suppose we have the following HTML

    <div class="fields">
    <label for="user_session_password">Password</label>
    <input id="user_session_password" type="password" size="30" onkeydown="preventSpaceOnkeyDown(event);" name="user_session[password]"/>
    <span id="pass_session_password_error" style="display:none;float: right; padding-right: 17px;">Password should have minimum 6 characters</span>
    <span id="pass_session_password_blank_error" style="display:none;float: right; padding-right: 17px;">Please enter password</span>
    <div class="fields">
    <label>Remember Me</label>
    <input type="hidden" value="0" name="user_session[remember_me]"/>
    <input id="user_session_remember_me" class="check_box" type="checkbox" value="1" style="float:left;width:15px;" name="user_session[remember_me]"/>
    <input id="user_session_submit" class="submit signin" type="submit" value="" name="commit"/>
    <div class="fields" style="text-align:center;margin-top:13px;">
    <a class="signLinkColor forgotPswdSignIn" href="javascript:showOverlay("forgotPasswordOverlay");">Forgot Password?</a>

    find: This method takes CSS selector or Xpath expression as an argument and returns Capybara::Element on which the desired action is performed.
    Locate the Password field and perform the click action.



    find_field: This capybara method locate the element with the label name or name/ id attribute
    Locate the Password field with the label name



    find_link: This capybara method locate the image link or the anchor tag through id, text or image alt attribute
    Locate the Forgot Password link with the text

    page.find_link('Forgot Password?')


    find_button: This capybara method locates the button through name, id or value attribute
    Locate SignIn button through id attribute



    find_by_id: This capybara method locates the element on webpage through id attribute
    Locate password error message



    find_labeled: This capybara method is same as find_field method and it finds element with the label name
    Locate "Remember Me" text

    page.find_labeled('Remember Me')

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