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  • Case Expression in SQL

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    Case Statement:

    Case Statement is used to provide IF-ELSE functionality in a SQL query to fetch result. We provide multiple conditions and according to condition matches the value will change for that that column value.


    SELECT CASE (columnname)
      WHEN value1 THEN result1
      WHEN value2 THEN result2
      ELSE resultN
    FROM tablename;


    SELECT EmpName, CASE EmpName
      WHEN 'Sam' THEN 'Salary * 2'
      WHEN 'Mitchell' THEN 'Salary * 1'
      ELSE 'Salary+1000'
    FROM Employee;


    EmpName              RevisedSalary                    City
    Sam                       30000                      Boston
    Shaun                     21000                      Texas
    Mitchell                  40000                      Boston
    Bucky                     21000                      Boston

    In the above example we used CASE with EmpName column. When EmpName is SAM then Salary will get double for that employee, When EmpName is Mitchell then Salary will remain as it is for that employee and for other employees the salary will incremented by 1000.

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