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  • Coding a Workflow System to Track and Improve Productivity

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    Coding a workflow system will improve productivity. In addition, bpm is crucial to your business goals. It helps you understand the processes that need to be done and have the technology to see them through. So if you are looking build out your own workflow system and improve your productivity in a big way, use the following tips to avoid common pitfalls and get to your results faster:


    Start with User in Mind


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    In business, you need to be more productive if you want to compete in the industry. However, simply making a productivity system without thinking of the human element and only focusing on the hard numbers is a mistake.


    Something that might sound good in theory could easily be worse for your actual company. At the end of the day, real users need to be able to use the technology without hassle.


    Consider making the design more friendly and informal like many apps today. This makes it feel inviting to use. It prevents you from having your team feel like they are forced to have a productivity app.


    Track Behaviors at Every Step


    Thanks to coding your own workflow system, you can control what kinds of things you want to track. This allows you to gain greater insights into just how productive people are being in your business.

    For instance, when someone is typing a document in the system, you can track each keystroke. Perhaps it took them twice as long to write a report as it should. You can see what took them so long and give them advice on how to improve the next time around. Of course, none of this is possible if you aren't tracking input and data.




    From sales to customer service metrics and more, you need a way to visualize the data. A great workflow is about more than just meeting goals. It is about putting them to use in a form that people can understand what they are doing or failing to do.


    A visual dashboard in your system will make it so that everyone can sense what they need to work on. Not everyone in your company is going to be a coder, so be sure to keep this in mind with your dashboard but also the other visuals in the app.


    Implement Reviews Regularly


    There should be some kind of scheduled reminder in the workflow system that tells you to review certain orders, projects, or goals. It is something that can simply be automated with a few lines of code, no matter what you are using.


    In addition to making this a part of the technology in your app, you'll want to make it a part of the soft systems as well. Manage your team with leadership by telling them how often meetings will take place. This will let them clean up random leftover tasks that they might need to complete still.




    There is a lot to be said for a standard operating procedure (SOP). In each business process, you are going to have tasks and actions that are repeated. The last thing you want is for people to have to invent the wheel all over again when they do this common tasks.


    Create a written process for each part of your business. From answering the phone to sending out marketing emails, everything can be codified and tracked. The system itself can give hints and reminders as to how to accomplish a given task to reduce the time it takes.


    When it comes to getting more out of your business, you need a way to have yourself and your employees be more productive. When you do this, your profits go up and your wasted time goes down. So build out a workflow system with code using the methods above. That way, no matter what you have a solid process to understand how productive you are being and you can make smarter decisions about your business.

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