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  • Configuration files for AngularJS 2

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    Hello Everyone.

    Here,We will be going through a series of tutorials which aims at providing a basic understanding of AngularJS 2 framework. At its best,it will make you quite acquainted with the fundamentals of AngularJS 2.

    This is the first tutorial of the proposed series.

    AngularJS 2 is an open-source JavaScript framework to build web applications in HTML and JavaScript and mainly,it is driven by the mobile-first approach.


    In order to get along with this series of tutorials please clone this repo into a new project folder. You may also download it as a ZIP file.


    Below are the configuration files that were created manually for making up our development settings. here, a basic overview of their respective functionalities is being given:


    1. app folder having two sub-folders js and ts .We'll be investing our most of the time in writing code within this ts sub-folder which basically holds components,modules etc of our web application.The typescript files being created here will  automatically be converted into corresponding javascript files under js folder -this is all because this repo has a hidden tool that does this translation.


    2.The files under js folder are for debugging purposes only.


    3.node_modules - this folder is being created automatically containing all the desired packages and dependencies for our web application when npm install command is being typed.


    4.package.json - contains basic information regarding our project and libraries/dependencies needed for the project.npm install command search through package.json and downloads all the required packages under node_modules folder.


    5.index.html - the home page for our application.


    6.tsconfig.json - TypeScript compiler configuration file.Here,"outDir": "app/js" specifies that complied javascript files will be put inside app/js folder.

    With this, we come to an end of our first tutorial .

    Thank you.

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