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  • Converting code from C to PHP

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    Hi! I have a question about a small piece of code in C to make the same piece of code work in PHP, it has to do with a bit shift and I can't figure out what's wrong.

    unsigned u = 3910796769;
    u += u << 8;
    //Result : 52422369

    $u = 3910796769;
    $u += $u << 8;
    //Result : 1005074769633

 1 Answer(s)

  • It looks like the difference in results between the C and PHP code is due to how PHP handles integers and their sizes. In PHP, integers can have different sizes based on the system architecture, while in C, the size is typically fixed. This can lead to overflow issues.

    To make the PHP code produce the same result as the C code, you can use bitwise AND with a mask to limit the integer size:

    $u = 3910796769; $u += ($u << 8) & 0xFFFFFFFF; echo $u;

    Keep in mind that this solution is specific to handling the overflow issue in this particular scenario and may not apply to all cases. If you need assistance with more complex PHP development or have other questions, consider consulting a PHP website development company.

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