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  • Create Admin Panel in CakePHP using BrowniePHP plugin

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    We can make an admin panel easily in cakePHP using a plugin called "BrowniePHP" .It help us to create an admin panel in short time of span.

    for using BrowniePHP, you should know how to develop applications in cakePHP.

    How to Set up the BrowniePHP -

    1- First you have to create any web application in cakePHP framework with database.

    2- After creating application, you can download BrowniePHP plugin and can extract it in folder app/Plugin/Brownie

    3- After copying BrowniePHP files, you can add Brownie panel component in you APPController like this

        class AppController extends Controller {
         var $components = array('Session', 'Brownie.BrwPanel');

    4- Now add Brownie Behaviour in the model of your main application like this

        class AppModel extends Model {
         var $actsAs = array('Containable', 'Brownie.BrwPanel');


    5- After adding behaviour in model , you have to import the brownie.sql file in your main database. It will create 3 tables in your database named=  brw_users, brw_files and brw_images. Brownie.sql file will be in the zip of plugin folder.

    6- For the execution of BrowniePHP plugin, we add the following line in the bootstrap file of our main application.


    CakePlugin::load('Brownie', array('bootstrap' => true, 'routes' => true));

    7- After following these above steps, we can directly login to admin panel using URL-

    "Admin Panel " Login :

    8- The credentials will be saved in the table “brw_users” without any validations.

    Note: username should be a valid email address.


    BrowniePHP download link =

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