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  • Create a Login Form With Validation

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    Answer it

    Hi All

    My Question is as follows.

    Create a login page for your project. The login page must: 
    a. Accept a user’s name, surname, email address and password.
    b. The password must be compared to a, e.g. hash “29ef52e7563626a96cea7f4b4085c124” in the tbl_User table. The correct password is: “P@55w0rd!” Note: You may NOT hard code the hashed value in your PHP code.
    c. When clicking the submit button, use jquery to validate textboxes, the password from the login details must be compared to the stored hashed password value in the MySQL database.
    d. If the validation satisfies the password, then display the user’s data using an associative read approach regarding the column names in a table. However if the password is incorrect then use a sticky form and redisplay the details entered allowing the user to edit the fields instead of re-typing all the fields. Display a string at the top of the page that identifies the user and reads: “User John Doe is logged in”
    e. If the user does not exist, he/ she can register him/ herself create the hash and login.

    Validation must be using preg_match please.


 1 Answer(s)

  • Hello Wareen,

    I just go through your message. You want to build a login page with jquery validation but i can not write the whole code for you. I can guide you in your task only. You can simple create a form with required fields in html and can use the jQuery.validate.js for validation. After that create a connection with database for data verification. This is the footprint for your task. Kindly follow the same. Let me know if there is any question.

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