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  • Difference between Cakephp 2 and Cakephp 3

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    CakePHP 2

    CakePHP is basically a rapid developing framework for PHP. It provides the user a flexible architecture to develop, maintain, and deploy the application .

    In CakePHP within the convention over configuration paradigm, we basically used the known design pattern like object relation mapping and Model View Controller architecture because it helps the developers to write less code. And it got better and better with the new release of 2.0.

    Features of CakePHP 2


    1. It uses various features like PHP data object, Standard PHP Library, json_encode and many more things.
    2. In this all the classes map to a particular file with the same name. So we have does not have to remember various things.
    3. It is more easier to configure because it has new errors and exception handlers, now developer can easily work with errors like page not found, user not authorized and much more.
    4. It has the new library for email which support multiple transports. It provide the facility of easy to use global configuration, charset support,and logging.
    5. For handling HTTP requests there are new request and response objects.
    6. In CakePHP 2 we have the facility that we can easily protect our apps against tampering attacks and cross-site request forgery.
    7. In the Form Helper Html 5 form helper are supported.
    8. CakePHP 2 doesn't support PHP 4 version it supports PHP 5.2.6 and above.
    9. We have a new CSS3 feature in CakePHP 2 version.
    10. It provide everything faster in CakePHP 2 version.


    CakePHP 3


    It is extremely flexible, powerful, and lightweight ORM .Beautifully simple form generator for single and multiple entities. Built in internationalization that actually make sense. Middleware stack oriented without sacrificing familiarity and readability.

    Enhanced helpers and components

    In the CakePHP version 3 the FlashHelper and FlashComponent to provides boost support for the advanced technology parameters are made in Flash messages. Simple form generator for single and multiple entities.

    Improvements in ORM

    In object relation mapping various changes are made in the API to make things simpler to understand and authorize association while saving the data.

    Bug-fixing tool are improved

    In the CakePHP 3 version it has the bug fixing tool that provide the solution for solving new application error that occur frequently while writing code and these errors can easily be fixed during the development process.

    Consistency of conventions are now improved

    It is a captivating feature that enable to keep hold on to the same directory structure for the particular application that we basically update to outrage the entire system, so it give more consistency.

    Session Management are improved

    In CakePHP managing sessions through a static class in not necessary. Through new version we can call, evaluate and control the session using request object “$this->request->session ()”.

    Best proficiency

    CakePHP version 3 gives good performance for the routing process, with the help of which routing become so much easier. In this version we have a adjustable caching layer that integrate the routing process, bootstrap process and various parts of process that generate the helper template that basically provide the solid sign to assaulting the issues to developer utilizing the system.



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