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  • Does anybody know reliable way to get MAC address of Client PC using ASP.Net / C#

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    Answer it

    Does anybody know reliable way to get MAC address of Client PC using ASP.Net / C#. I am using framework 3.5.

    Below is the code I am using working fine on locally / IIS. But this works on a site having full trust level. But doesn't work with medium trust level.

            <trust level="Medium">
    <p>public string GetMACAddress()
        NetworkInterface[] nics = NetworkInterface.GetAllNetworkInterfaces();
        String sMacAddress = string.Empty;
        foreach (NetworkInterface adapter in nics)
            if (sMacAddress == String.Empty)// only return MAC Address from first card <br>
                IPInterfaceProperties properties = adapter.GetIPProperties();
                sMacAddress = adapter.GetPhysicalAddress().ToString();
        } return sMacAddress;

    Can somebody provide me an alternate way to get Mac address of the client

 2 Answer(s)

  • private static string getMacAddress(string distIP)
            IPAddress dIP = IPAddress.Parse(distIP); // the destination IP address
            byte[] macAddr = new byte[6];
            uint macAddrLen = (uint)macAddr.Length;
            if (SendARP(BitConverter.ToInt32(dIP.GetAddressBytes(), 0), 0, macAddr, ref macAddrLen) != 0)
                throw new InvalidOperationException("SendARP failed.");
            string[] str = new string[(int)macAddrLen];
            for (int i = 0; i < macAddrLen; i++)
                str[i] = macAddr[i].ToString("x2");
            return string.Join("-", str);
  • The code mentioned here will only work for the machine where it runs being the server side code.

    We have tried to search for the MAC IP address in the request we get from the client but we did not get any success. We have also tried fetching it using javascript but it only works on IE browser which wont serve the purpose for MAC user.

    Its still open from our side and will share the solution if we find any.

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