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  • Event binding on dynamically created elements?

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    Suppose your page is creating elements dynamically with the class name egSample, you need to bind the event to a parent which already exists.

    You need to use the .on() method to implement this task. Here is the syntax of how to use it :-

    .on( events [, selector ] [, data ], handler )


    $(staticAncestors).on(eventName, dynamicChild, function() {})

    This method attaches event handlers and adds functionality to currently selected elements.

    Below is the code to use this method :-

    $(document).on('mouseover mouseout', '.egSample', function(){
        // what you want to happen when mouseover and mouseout 
        // occurs on elements that match '.egSample'

    Here is another example to show the use of this method for dynamically created elements. The parent must exists at the time the event is bound.

    $('.btn').on('click', 'button', function(){
        // some code

    This would apply to :-

    <div class="btn">
        <!-- <button>s that are generated dynamically and added here -->

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