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  • Everything We Know About iOS 13: Rumours And Features

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    The flames around iOS 12 hadn’t even doused entirely and we have iOS 13 lining up already. iOS 13, as we know it is the next major update to Apple's iPhone operating system. We can expect it to be unveiled in the summer of 2019.


    At this point in time, we know a limited amount about the current software. There are some interesting rumors doing the rounds that shed light on some of the features and changes we can expect to see. Nevertheless, based on our past experiences, we can speculate that the new update will be called iOS 13.


    See, we can never really know exactly what new features and design changes Apple is going to come up with. Unless, an executive gets on stage at WWDC, we cannot consider it official. But, you can never stop the grapevine, can you? iOS is one of the most widely-used and highly influential operating systems in the world.


    Here is a compiled list of everything that we know about ‘iOS 13’, the rumours and speculations.


    Official release:- Judging by the trend, we can expect the big reveal to happen around the first week of June of 2019. As the history goes, Apple has unveiled the major updates about iOS at WWDC, the Worldwide Developers Conference. Apple’s executives portray the changes that are coming to the company's OS.


    The final release:- Again, if we look at the history, Apple releases its finished products and major updates midway through September. We can expect the a new model of iPhone, powered with the new OS to release in September 2019. iOS 10 came out on Sep. 13, 2016 and iOS 6 and iOS 11 both were announce on Sep. 19 of 2012 and 2017 respectively.


    Rumours and specifications

    According to one report by Bloomberg, Apple is supposedly going to add dark mode to the new OS; making it easier to see your phone at night and thereby reducing battery consumption. Does anyone recall Mac Mojave? Yes, it was added by Apple last year to the Mac OS. 


    The same report also says that there will some improvements to CarPlay in the upcoming version. We know that an overhaul to the CarPlay was supposed to happen at the time of iOS 12 update, but obviously it didn’t. This entire revamping was long due and you can expect more developer tools coming up. This sure gives a boost to custom iPhone application development services.


    Talking about iOS 13 update in the same Bloomberg report, it predicts that iOS 13 will bring in several new features that are aimed at the iPad. The features include a new home screen, the ability to tab through multiple versions of a single app like pages in a web browser, and improved file management.


    Our Speculation

    Apple now has three flagship phones with OLED displays in its artillery. It absolutely makes sense to give the phones an always-on display. The OLEDs only use the energy for the pixels that are lit up, in that case, lighting up a small percentage of the screen only uses a sliver of battery.


    Another feature we would like Apple to inculcate is notification syncing. We think it should allow the notification status to sync through iCloud. Let’s say, you dismiss a notification on your iPhone, that same notification should be gone the next time you pick up my iPad.


    Better operability with control center. Apple has designed the control center, the bar that we pull down from the top is a robust and comprehensive manner. While one can enable and disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth from Control Center, on the other hand they cannot select a network or device, since they would need to open the Settings app to find those options. Also, Apple needs to change the way Bluetooth works with Control Center. What we feel is turning that button to off actually should disable the Bluetooth.



    What changes will Apple bring, cannot be solidified simply based on speculations. The real answer resides with patience. Sooner, rather than later, the upcoming new updates will be the harbinger of great opportunities, especially for someone involved in iOS development; be it a freelance iOS developer or an iPhone app development company.

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