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  • Expert Blogging Tips - The Right and Wrong of Writing

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    Writing is an abstract category. Tech nerds like to keep things simple. When working on any project, you know what’s right and wrong… or at least you find out through experimenting. In writing, there’s much more flexibility. Writing, on the other hand, is a more “democratic” process. We see wrong grammar and spelling all over the web. Punctuation? Who has the time to pay attention to those details? This is the tech generation, people! We use all kinds of devices to make our lives faster. There ain’t space for grammar and punctuation in Twitter’s 140 characters.

    Does that mean we’re allowed to use techspeak in every aspect of our lives?


    Let us answer that in the simplest way possible: no.


    When you’re looking for new projects on Findnerd or you’re communicating with regular clients, are you paying attention to the rights and wrongs of writing? Your clients might not be Grammar Nazis. Still, the way you write will determine the impression of professionalism and intelligence you convey.


    Why Is Writing More Wrong than Ever?


    Is their going to become the new there? We couldn’t possibly fix all writing mistakes people make. We can’t teach style to everyone who writes an email. We can, however, look for the reasons that led to this situation. If we know the reasons, maybe we can affect them.


    • Teachers at all levels of education are doing their best to help the students to improve their writing skills. What do they do? Well, some of them try to play by the rules and write as many papers as possible within a term, but most others look for writing help online. Many companies offer writing assistance. One writer from XpertWriters told me an interesting information. They miss that opportunity to practice writing, so they don’t really master it before they start looking for jobs in the real world.
    • Techspeak is cool. It makes you feel as part of a community. This new generation is going to make real changes to this world, and you feel connected with that revolutionary vibe through the slang you use. However, we’ll have to admit that this trend has impacted people’s writing skills to a really high degree.
    • When you’re looking for online tech projects to work on, you’re focused on making a deal. Grammar, spelling, syntax, word use, and other elements of writing are the last thing that comes to your mind when you’re looking for a job that’s not even related to writing.


    Writing Is Still Important


    This is a world of content. Think about it: what projects are you working on? Every single tech product is being marketed through… wait for it… that’s right, content! How would you feel for Apple’s products if you noticed grammar errors all over the promos?


    The fact that everyone appears to be making mistakes when publishing things online doesn’t make those mistakes right. The rights and wrongs of writing still stand, just as they taught you at school.


    Tech geeks carry great responsibility regarding the decline in grammatical skills. It’s about time for us to change that image. Grammar is not hard. We’ll handle it. We’re geeks, after all.


    • If you’re still at school and you’re getting assignments, write them! The topics may be boring, but the skills you develop through academic writing are priceless.
    • Slang is okay. You may use techspeak when you know the people you’re talking to understand it. However, slang is not necessarily linked to bad grammar. Try to preserve the grammar, spelling, and punctuation right.
    • When you’re writing messages to your clients, make sure to proofread before sending them. Great misunderstandings can result from silly mistakes.
    • Start blogging! Such a project can really help with your career. Plus, it will turn you into a better writer. When you write well, you leave an impression of a greater professional.


    It’s about time for us to set things right. Writing is a big part of our work. We communicate through writing every day. Why could we possibly want to do that the wrong way?

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