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  • Findnerd Product Release - 27-Oct-2022

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    Findnerd Product Release - 27-Oct-2022

    Important Notes

    a. Please ensure that you clear the browser cache to ensure proper functioning of the changed user interface. Steps to clear browser cache :

    1. press Ctrl-Shift-Delete (Windows) or Command-Shift-Delete (Mac).
    2. Select Cookies and other site data and  Cached images & files and proceed with clearing the browser cache.


    New Features in this Release: 

    Project Configuration  

             Configuration feature is added under the Project Settings option to allow Project Managers to customize various Project attributes. Attributes like Severity, Priority, Issue Status can be configured as requirements of Project process and practices.


    Tags : 

    Project Managers can define Tags (earlier Category) and assign a color to each added Tag. These tags can then be added by Project users to tasks and bugs for easy categorisation and filtering.


    Severity : 

    Values to be associated with Severity of Bugs can be selected / deselected from the standard list or even renamed as per the project practice.


    Priority : 

    Values to be associated with Priority of tasks and bugs can be selected / deselected from the standard list or even renamed as per the project practice.


    Task/Bug Status : 

    The valid status for issues in a project can be customized to allow traditional task status or Agile development status values as displayed below


    Project Roles : 

    Project Roles to be used for a project can be added, changed, or deleted as per the project type and team composition. This will allow Project Roles for task management in areas other than software development.

    Note : Manager role cannot be renamed or deleted.


    Estimation Units : 

    Estimation Unit can be custom configured to be entered as effort in Hours or as Story Points. These estimates are also used in the Sprint Burndown Chart feature described in Section-3 of this document.

    Note : A project cannot have estimations in both Hours and SP, so changing estimation units midway through a project can cause misrepresentation of data in reports/charts based on these estimates.


    Kanban Board


               Kanban Board allows the Project Team to have a view of Ongoing Sprint issues (tasks & bugs) in a status-wise view with individual swimlane for each status. This can be used as a SCRUM Board for Daily Stand-up meetings where team members can drag and drop Sprint issues to the corresponding status swimlane to reflect the current status.

    The Select Sprint drop-down on the top allows the user to select a  Sprint. By default, the last started sprint is displayed. 

    The Filter icon allows the user to list sprint tasks and bugs based on various attributes.


    Sprint Burndown Chart 


             Sprint Burndown chart allows the Project members to track sprint progress by graphically displaying the day by day progress of  issues done and work remaining to be completed. The guideline (yellow line) shows the planned rate of work and the trendline indicates the actual rate of work progress.

    The burndown chart by default displays(see images below) the Issues Count which remain open (all tasks and bugs) on a given day. Alternatively the user can select Effort in hours  and the remaining effort on a given day will be displayed. In this case, all the issues which have an estimated effort value will be considered. 

    For Projects, where the Estimation Unit is configured to be in Story Points, the burndown chart will be based on remaining story points estimated for open Issues.


    In the upcoming release we will also add the feature of Product Burndown chart.


    Analytics - Drill down reports

            The Pie Charts on the Analytics Page which show the status wise count for Tasks, Bugs and Sprints, will list the items with the respective status on clicking the status.

    By clicking on any of the listed items the user can open the issue detail page.


    Code Repository Integration - Fix

              A known issue in Code repository integration :

    Current Scenario : The Findnerd Bug ID being added as part of the comment in the code repository while committing the code was being prefixed with $.  This was causing some errors due to which the code repository URL was not being saved on Findnerd project issue. 

    To fix this issue the $ sign in bug ID is now replaced by % sign from this release. Please note that the Bug ID has to be prefixed with % as in %76421. 


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