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  • Guide to Install Android's Via Browser and Reason to Use It

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    The number of browsers for the android users is increasing by every passing day and people want to have browser that can give the best in class experience. In today’s world, you all want to have browsers that can satiate and suit up to your needs in the best manner. There are plenty of options that you have in hand when it comes to the web browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, UC, VC, and Dolphin amongst other top browsers that will do a variety of jobs for you. 

    But you are always looking for that one browser that can get all the things done for you. Via browser is that one particular browser that can get all the jobs done for you and make the experience better for you. It is full of interesting and classy features that are not even found in some of the most highly rated browsers.
    This is the key reason that it is one of the must to have things in your android phone. This can be done by your own , there is no requirement of any android app developer to do this. So, here is a quick guide for all of you to install the Via browser in your android phone 


    • The first step that you need to do in order to get the app is logging on to the Google Play Store.
    • The second thing that you need to do is search for Via browser in the play store.
    • Now click on the app button and a new window will open. Now the app will open and you need to click on the install button.
    • Now, allow the installation to complete and the app will be installed on your phone.
    • Now, a widget will be added to the screen and you just need to click on the same and the app will be opened for you.

    Granting permissions

    This is the next thing that you need to do just after installing Via browser. It will help you to know about the things that app wants to know in a clear manner so that you exactly know what the app accesses in your phone.


    Using the app 

    Using the app is very easy, you will be directed to the homepage of the browser as soon as you open the app. You can easily get to visit the websites by entering the URL or entering the search strings on the browser. There is also an option to change your preferred search engine in the Via browser and it is also quite easy. You just need to tap the menu button and go to settings page. Then, you need to go to general settings and scroll down until you get the search engine option. You can search your preferred engine on Via app and change your search engine as per your choice.


    Privacy option

    Privacy is another key aspect for you in the modern times and you do not want to compromise on the same in any manner. Via browser has ad blocker and do not block along with incognito mode option. Incognito mode is especially helpful for you when you are looking to keep your browsing history private and hidden from anyone and gives you the kind of comfort that you look in your browser.


    Number of tabs

    This is another very good thing with Via browser which makes it an ideal choice for everyone. You can get to see a small square and a number is written over it. The number indicates the total number of tabs that are opened in the browser. At the same time, switching between the tabs is also very simple and you can switch just by clicking on the square tab and browsing the stuff that you want to. The tab handling is very smart in Via browser, making it easy to use.


    Why one shall get to use Via browser?

    Now, comes the million dollar question that why you shall switch to Via browser from your existing browser. There are many advantages that Via browsers have over other browsers which are explained as:

    • It has better speed when compared to some of the other top browsers for android.
    • The options that you have in Via browser are also immense for you and at the same time, they are very friendly to the users which make it a top choice.
    • Via browser is very simple for the users as well and you will have no problem while adapting to it.
    • Last but not the least; it is quite safe and sound when compared to the other android browser. Your data is completely safe and not leaked online unlike some of the other websites.

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