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  • Help me increase my Twitter followers!

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    Hey Guys!  I made the twitter account in 2010 while I graduated from college. Back then, Twitter wasn’t that cool, neither hyped nor important so I stuck to FB and Orkut. But now, I’m in an immediate need to get my Twitter channel flourishing with daily posts, traffic and ultimately a huge follower base.


    I want SM wizards, Twitter experts, marketing and advertising guys, to suggest some best hacks to get the desired result. Thank you!

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  • Twitter is an online news and social networking service where users post and read short 140-character messages called "tweets". Registered users can post and read tweets, but those who are unregistered can only read them.

    Bellow are the key points that will definitely help Ankur to increase his Twitter followers:

    1. Create an interesting bio
    2. Always use trending hashtag (#) related to your post
    3. Always use soical media tools, like: Hashtagify
    4. Always use attractive images for your post
    5. Make your Twitter presence visible
    6. Share valuable content
    7. Post frequently, but dont flood your followers
    8. Keep your posts short enough to retweet
    9. Reply to others publicly
    10. Practice strategic following
    11. Be generous in linking and retweeting others
    12. Avoid too much promotion
    13. Dont use an auto-responder


  • Hi Ankur,

    Twitter are in trend nowadays and hence there are certain things which we should kept in mind while tweeting.

    Following are some steps which can increase your traffic and followers on twitter:-

    1. Put appropriate profile picture and cover photo.

    2. Short and perfect twitter bio with hashtags.

    3. A Thankyou revert to the new followers.

    4. Create and use Twitter list and Twitter Mentions.

    5. Regularly updated on Twitter.

    6. Make a post Daily with trendy Hashtags.

    7. Tags related people in your Tweet.

    8. Insert attractive Image to your tweet and tag your friends with it.

    9. Use twitter analytics to find most sharable and liked content by the users.

    10. Ask your friends to favourite and retweet your Tweet.

    11. Favourite and Retweet other's post.

    12. If you received a message,reply it publically.

    13. Participate in Twitter chats.

    Follow these steps and u will surely see an increment in followers.

    Hope this will help you.

  • Hi Ankur,

    Twitter is the Social Media Marketing Tool that broadcast the updates across the web. Followers & tweeters helps in sharing information & buliding brand values. There are some important ways that help you in gaining twitter followers:

    • Make easy for people to follow you by displaying links to your twitter account in a form of email signature, your blog or website.

    • Make sure twitter profile pic should be uploaded. The absence of a photo tells user either a spammer or a new bie. No one follow a user without a pic.

    • Always create a interesting bio which is the first things potential followers review and explain about yourself and what you do etc.

    • Keep your post attractive & perform retweets which are the good way to get noticed by people who dont follow you. Therefore, you must make it easy for your followers to retweet you.

    • Make your tweet visible to more twitter users by cross promoting your Twitter handle on social sites.

    • Perform user engagement on twitter by using tweets that contain @ symbols--that is, retweets, shout-outs, and #FF list to engage other members of the Twitter community.

  • Twitter has become a major social media platform for business growth. There are 300 million users and 100 million Daily active users on Twitter. Twitter plays a predominant role in online marketing. You can find below some interesting ways to increase your followers on Twitter.

    1. Use twitter analytics tool to easily know your target audience, best engaging tweets, less performing tweets, and how you can boost engagements and increase followers. Twitter provides best tools for making online marketing strategies and increasing the number of followers.

    2. Use hashtags related to your post. Hashtag is a great way to reach out maximum people.

    3. Share humorous messages on Twitter and use them to engage your followers and people. Creating humorous tweets can also attract more followers.

    4. Ask for Retweets. When someone Retweets your tweets they share your brand info  with their networks and your reach grows exponentially. Be direct, and ask your followers for their support. Try an incentive: You can offer to release an exclusive coupon code or offer one if a Tweet reaches a certain number of Retweets.

  • I hope the problem lies whether you have connect every social media platform together or not. Most of the times we don't connect our social media platforms which lead to less followers. As I am seeing you have been active and efficient on Facebook and Orkut, so i hope you might be knowing that Facebook doesn't allow anyone to use their contacts to any other social media platforms. Facebook has been strict to this till date and has never change these Guidelines of sharing the contact info no matter how transparent or visible it is. So coming to your problem:

    1. Get a Yahoo! Mail Account (Or Sign in if you already have one)
    2. Import Your Facebook Contacts: Here the thing is a bit trick most of the time we make Facebook account using Gmail Id. So after making your Yahoo Id go to Facebook settings change your primary email id into yahoo id. It will send a notification email into your Yahoo id just confirm that and you will see the Primary is changed.
    3. Now come back to your Yahoo Id and you will see a icon called contacts, as you click that you will be getting many options one of them will be Facebook just click on the IMPORT button beside Facebook. All the contacts will get listed to it.
    4. After you have imported your Facebook with Yahoo download the Contact CSV file.
    5. Now open your Google Id and Click on Gmail , then Click on the contact it will open another window Google Contacts now upload your Contact CSV in it.
    6. Now Go to your Twitter account click on Settings, there is an option Find Friends where you can connect with your Gmail Id. Click on it and Voila!!! You will be having all your Facebook friends connected to Twitter.
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