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  • How Mobile Application Development Benefits Enterprises?

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    Do you know the difference between the Company and the Enterprise? The answer may varies from person to person but if you see both of them from the commercial point of view, then you will get the right answer.


    Company is where individuals are working towards a shared goal & profit is the main concern, wherein Enterprise, the goal could be different like Job creation, environmental issues and so on.


    As you know that in the world of new business, 9 out of 10 startups gets fail within first 2 months. But, if you will check the reason of failure of the company, you can easily find the loops and holes in their business model, improper business process, and improper selection of technology or management.



    Business performance is the perfect combination of backward as well as forward integration of business process which is mainly dependent on: ROI (Return on investment) which can be summarized as company’s input vs. sales, that can be directly linked to the process and efficiency of the process. So, in order to make the business process efficient, an every company needs Enterprise Mobility Solutions.


    Rule of three

    According to the analyst firm Gartner, those companies encouraged MEAP approach to mobility when they need their mobile solutions to:

       ·  Support three or more mobile applications

       ·  Support three or more mobile operating systems (Android, iOS, Blackberry)

       ·  Integrate with at least three back-end data sources


    Benefits of developing enterprise mobile app:


    Complete Package

    Most enterprises operates as different entities which works as an individual company, so it’s very essential to manage all of them for a better business growth. So the question arises here is, do you need to develop a separate mobile application for each entity? The answer is No, because that might result a costly affair for any enterprise as it demands an individual set of hardware as well as software. So the main objective of developing an enterprise application is to perform all the basic tasks through a single mobile application platform.


    An enterprise Mobile application needs a single platform to manage all of them effectively. A single application can run on different operating system platforms if it is cross-platform application, and it will be easy for any entrepreneur to manage enterprise easily using one centralized Mobile application.


    Business Integration

    If you see any company structure, inside you can notice different departments like marketing, human resource, finance, operations and other important departments, but from a distance all works under one roof as a company. For managing all the departments efficiently, it’s very crucial to have a good interconnection with each department. Also, as each department is responsible for their own area of works. In this situation, mobile enterprise application can make all the departments work in an integrated manner. It can be happened by developing one enterprise solution application which covers all these important aspects through one touch and without any Geo-location restriction. That’s why Global Mobile Enterprise Application Platform market reached to $1.6 billion in 2014 and growing every day.


    Centralized Approach

    Most important part of developing an enterprise solution is to centralize the data flow. Basically enterprises running global business have different entities for different business segments. The different geography and time difference results time consuming and critical to manage all of these entities together & fulfilling each business requirement at a time gets tough.


    In today’s era of modern business, the enterprises have to consider many of the aspects like consistency in usability, collaboration, localization of business, and better business branding which is critical for business growth. So managing all these aspects through different platforms is tricky and unmanageable for a person as per the current trend of modern business strategies. But, with the help of enterprise mobile application, one can easily manage all the activities through a single window.


    Global Business

    The enterprise mobile application development provides one management infrastructure for different modules of the application under one roof. Mobile application is not only helpful in reducing the infrastructure maintenance cost, but also enabling users to store big data to third party server i.e. cloud computing and real time tracking with the help of GPS through which one can easily trace users globally, which results in improving motorization, consistency and effective business navigation. Nowadays, many of the global enterprises are accepting this approach to optimize their management cost and having a better way of managing their business in all ways.


    Working Globally

    This wireless, battery operated mobile device is enabling users to extend the boundaries of works, and strengthen employee to work as a team, no matter wherever they are. This is the major advantage of mobile technology one is getting these days. Mobile App is also ensuring an advanced way of utilization of available resources by enabling an offline access without consuming net data, so you can allow employees to access to corporate data and business transactions. Through the chat option in the application, employee can be in touch with each other in real time and this indirectly reducing the expenses of the company and also engage employee with each other, and also help to increase the productivity of sales and marketing by allowing employees to perform their tasks more efficiently using Mobile app from anywhere at any time. According to the recent reports, approx. 16% of worldwide Mobile App developers are building apps for enterprises


    Enhanced Customers Experience

    It doesn’t matter whether you are selling tires or car services your customers need a way to be touch with you so now its enterprise’s responsibilities to keep customers updated with the latest business information by providing a mobile application to them. The Mobile Application is not only enabling customers to perform their business transactions whenever and wherever they want but also trying to give great business experience. I guess every business knows the importance of customer satisfaction and the business owners believe this as a key area to sustain their business in long term and helps to draw a boundary for their competitors.

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