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  • How do I implement my ideas for an interactive CD ROM-inspired business website? Help!

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    Hello 'nerds'!


    I have been recently inspired to create a website for my music project (a place where you can look at news, concerts, buy things etc.), but it is not a simple layout and there are many elements of it that I don’t even know how to word properly in order to search for them in google. This is why I’m posting here :)


    If anyone has the time to look over the ideas for my website (what interactive tools I would like and other features) and tell me how I can best go about them (what software I should use, or who I should seek to help me) I would be so so appreciative. 


    I should mention that I am an artist and whilst I can see what the site should look like in my head (I will be making the images myself) I have zero coding experience, so if you are going to answer please please use language that even a child could understand. I have tried my best to be as clear as I can with my ideas but if you are still having problems picturing them, please let me know. Thanks! 


    I am very into the ideas of environments and space and wanted to create a website that was reminiscent of the old DK CD Roms (a few seconds from this clip should give you an idea because of their uniquely involving atmosphere (due to background noises etc). Every page on my site is to be a certain environment and here are the list of features and elements I wanted to include:


    1. Interiors of rooms and exterior scenes (like the attic featured in the youtube video) that are looped videos (a bit like gifs) to give the illusion of life, e.g. clouds flying by, shadows flicking on the wall


    2. Some exterior scenes to change with the current time of day (so that if you were viewing the page in the morning, it would be a morning setting, and afternoon, an afternoon setting etc.)


    3. When you click on certain people and objects, they act a certain way or say something for a few seconds (and this will be a random feature, so that each time there is something different from about three or four options)


    4. Green screened ‘real people’ in these illustrated scenarios and the user to have the option to click on them and ‘change the character’ so that another walks on screen


    5. Certain characters featured in the scene to ‘say things’ (i.e. play an audio track) every 20 seconds if you are idle on the website 


    6. The ability to flick through photo albums (that can be updated with new photos at the front)


    7. The ability to flick through manuscript scores and listen to the midi with a play button


    8. Triggered off different audio snippets when certain buttons are pressed, before they take you to another webpage


    These are some of the ideas I have, which (to my non-code knowing mind!) sound quite complicated and not something I can learn overnight. So what are the first steps I should take and what should I be thinking about? 


    Because I am a control freak when it comes to graphics and aesthetics my ideal situation would be sending a developer/games maker the page templates, mp4s, gifs using a drag and drop software and then let them code the fancy gaming interactive bits on top (so that we have a work relationship that involves us doing a little bit and sending it to each other etc). I would also like these coding bits to be easily adjustable so that I can update news etc easily after the programmer has programmed the initial bits and pieces.  


    Does this sound feasible and, if so, what should I do to kick this off?


    Apologies for my sheer ignorance and thanks in advance for your helpful answers!

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