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  • How to Implement ResellerRatings API to Get Star Rating Reviews from Third Party Site - 5 Easy Steps

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    ResellerRatings API for Brand Reviews is the API’s constructed to tell a story about brand reviews, your review data collection effort, product reviews, and the collection of reviews around ResellerRatings as a business unit.

    This tutorial will guide you to Implement ResellerRatings API to Get Start Rating Reviews from Third Party Site - 5 Easy Steps. let's see how:


    1: Acquiring your Authentication Key and Authentication Flow

    First, you need to obtain an API key (Client Id) and API secret (Client Secret) from your
    ResellerRatings client success manager. You can view these values in the Portal by navigating to Tools > Showcase & Integrate > API Access.

    To authorize a secure API request, you must request an access token using your client credentials. To request an access token, you will make the following request:

    curl --data

    Breaking down that request, you will POST the following parameters to
    • grant_type: This value should always be “client_credentials”


    • client_id: Your Client ID as assigned in the Portal
    • client_secret: Your Client Secret as assigned in the Portal
    • scope (optional): If the resources you are requesting require specific scope(s), use this value to pass a comma delimited list of scope names

    If successful, this request will return the following JSON:

    {"access_token":  <AccessToken> ,
    "token_type": "Bearer",
    "expires_in": 21600


    2: Using your access token to request a resource

    Once you receive your access token you must include it in the header of every API resource request.
    This will be done with the Authorization HTTP request header field with the value: “Bearer


    Authorization: Bearer KSnAP0vKRVAt3j3p4BR5dz5KpKemTk3ru7oZl0Dz


    3: Getting your Business Unit ID

    Replace the SELLER ID with your actual SELLER ID and replace the API Key with your API Key. You can find your Unique SellerID under the Tools > Syndicate &Integrate > API Access


    4: Store Unit - Seller Data

    Resource URI:{sellerId?}
    Authentication: OAuth 2.0 Bearer Token
    Response: {
        "data": {
            "id":  < seller id > ,
            "type": "seller",
            "name":  < seller display name > ,
            "rating":  < store rating > ,
            "starRating":  < star rating > ,
            "websiteUrl":  < store URL > ,
            "seoName":  < SEO name > ,
            "reviews": {
                "total":  < lifetime total reviews > ,
                "one_star":  < lifetime one star reviews > ,
                "two_star":  < lifetime two star reviews > ,
                "three_star":  < lifetime three star reviews > ,
                "four_star":  < lifetime four star reviews > ,
                "five_star":  < lifetime five star reviews >
            "categories": [{},
                "id":  < category id > ,
                "name":  < category name >
                ... >
            "links": [{
                    "rel": "uri":
                    "rel": "uri":
                    "rel": "uri":
            "/seller/  <seller id>  "
            "/seller/  <seller id>  /review s"
            "/seller/  <seller id>  /tags"


    5: Add the dynamic values of rating and reviews getting from above API in JSON-LD.

    After then, put this code before the end of body tag:

    <script type="application/ld+json">
    { "@context": "",
      "@type": "Product",
      "name": "Invisalign",
        {"@type": "AggregateRating",
         "ratingValue": "4.9", // overall rating
         "reviewCount": "7" // reviews

    wait for 1-2 days while Google crawl your website URL then you will get your star ratings and reviews while google organic search.

    Hope it works!

    How to Implement ResellerRatings API to Get Star Rating Reviews from Third Party Site - 5 Easy Steps

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