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  • How to Move Your Data Warehouse to the Cloud in Three Clicks

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    Moving Your Data Warehouse to the Cloud


    Is your data warehouse in the Cloud? Are you thinking of moving it there? Once there, what if you want to change to a faster, cheaper database?


    Moving to the Cloud can be a great unknown. Every business has different needs in terms of scale, performance and cost. So how do you know if you're making the right choice? 


    Once you're committed, it's nearly impossible to change your mind, right?


    Actually, no...


    Data Warehouse Migration to the Cloud in 3 Clicks


    With Ajilius, you get the miracle of '3-click migration'.


    In just three mouse clicks, you can migrate your Ajilius data warehouse from one database platform to another. Honest!


    Running on SQL Server but want to try PostgreSQL? Three mouse clicks.


    Want to see if Azure is faster than Redshift? Three mouse clicks.


    In just three mouse clicks, Ajilius will regenerate all your data warehouse code AND migrate all your existing warehouse data across to the new platform.


    Really, it's Magical!


    Use Ajiliusit to try a new database platform before you buy. You can run data warehouses fully in parallel until you decide which is best. Or you can maintain a back-up of your warehouse on a cheaper platform.

    The point is, with Ajilius, you are never locked-in to a database vendor.


    Hope the migration of your data warehouse via Ajilius will be much easier and efficient as compared to other platforms.

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