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  • How to create a login page with validation using angular js?

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    In this blog, we illustrate how to create a login page with some validation using angular js.

    To validate a login form data we can use the following to trace the error:

    1. $dirty:- It is used to check whether the value has been changed or not.
    2. $invalid:- It is used to check whether the input value is invalid or not.
    3. $error:- It is used to obtain the error.

    A sample program Illustrate how to create a how to create a login page with some validation using angular js.

                  <title> Login Page for User</title>
                 <script src="~/Scripts/angular.js"></script>
            <br />
    <div ng-app="mainApp" ng-controller = "studentController">
        <form name="studentForm">
            <input type="text" ng-model="firstName" name = "firstName" ng-minlength="6" ng-maxlength="10" required >
                <span style="color:red" ng-show="studentForm.firstName.$error.minlength">Username is too short.</span>
            <span style="color:red" ng-show="studentForm.firstName.$error.maxlength">Username is too long.</span>
            <br />
            <br />
            <br />
            <input type="password" ng-model="password" name="password" minlength="6" required>
            <span style="color:red" ng-show="studentForm.password.$error.minlength">Username is too short.</span>
            <br />
            <br />
            <br />
            <label>Email Id: </label>
            <input type="email" ng-model="email" name="email" required>
            <span style="color:red" ng-show="$touched &&$invalid">Email Id is not valid.</span>
            <br />
            <br />
            <br />
            <button ng-disabled="studentForm.firstname.$dirty && studentForm.firstname.$invalid || studentForm.password.$dirty && studentForm.password.$invalid " ng-click="submit()">Submit</button>
            <button ng-click="reset()" ng-disabled="studentForm.firstname.$invalid">Reset</button>
        var mainApp = angular.module("mainApp", []);
             mainApp.controller('studentController', function($scope) {
                $scope.reset = function(){
                    $scope.firstName = "",
                    $scope.password = "",
                    $ = ""


    1. When all the input fields are empty.




    2. When username and password are too short.



    3. When email id is not a valid email id.



    4. When user enters all valid input values.


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