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  • How to get subscription information of chargify using .net

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    First we add dll of chargify

    using ChargifyNET;

    Create the object of subscription

    ISubscription newSubscription;
    newSubscription = new ChargifyNET.Subscription();

    Connect to the chargify by giving URL,apikey and password

    ChargifyConnect objChargifyConnect = new ChargifyNET.ChargifyConnect(URL, apiKey, apiPassword);

    Create the customer obect

    ICustomer chargifyCustomer = new Customer();

    load customer

    chargifyCustomer= objChargifyConnect.LoadCustomer(customerid );

    load subscription

     newSubscription objChargifyConnect.LoadSubscription(subscription_id);

    Now we get the subscription information by using following properties

    DateTime ActivatedAt=newSubscription.ActivatedAt;//Get date when subscription is activated
    double balanceamount=newSubscription.Balance; //Get Balance
    DateTime CanceledAt= newSubscription.CanceledAt; //Get date when subscription is cancelled
     string cancellationmessage=newSubscription.CancellationMessage; //Get cancellation message
     DateTime CurrentPeriodEndsAt= newSubscription.CurrentPeriodEndsAt; //Get date when current period ends
    DateTime CurrentPeriodStartedAt=newSubscription.CurrentPeriodStartedAt; //Get date when current period starts 
    string customer= newSubscription.Customer; //Get customer
    DateTime ExpiresAt= newSubscription.ExpiresAt; //Get date  when subscription expires  
    DateTime LastUpdated=  newSubscription.LastUpdated; //Get last updated date
    string productname= newSubscription.Product.Name; //Get the name of product

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