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  • How to highlight a div using Javascript

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    Hello Reader's! If you want to make a html page that based on user activity, As user clicks on div then JS will make that div highlight.

    Let's say our div is -

     <div tabindex="0">Hello World</div>

    Here div with tabindex of 0 will put the tag "in the natural tab order of the page".

    You can also give a tabindex of -1, which will make the div only focus-able by script, not the user.

    document.getElementById('test').onclick = function () {
    div:focus {
        background-color: Aqua;
    <div>Element X (not focusable)</div>
    <div tabindex="0">Element Y (user or script focusable)</div>
    <div tabindex="-1" id="scripted">Element Z (script-only focusable)</div>
    <div id="test">Set Focus To Element Z</div>

    Note:- A higher number will give it a specific order of priority, where 1 will be the first, 2 second and so on.

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