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  • Integrate Cometchat With CakePHP 3.x.x

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    1- System Requirements

            1- PHP version 5 or greater
            2- MySQL version 4/5 or MSSQL Server 2005/2008/2012 or PostgreSQL 9.2-9.5
            3- A pre-registered domain name
            4- 50 Megabytes of hard drive space
            5- PHP extensions: curl

    2- Download

            1- Download code package from the Members Area.

    3- Uploading

            You should have the zip archive and create a folder- “cometchat”.

            If you don’t know already, find out the folder where CakePHP is installed.

            If you runing your site via ‘’, then look for the webroot directory.

            The “webroot” folder is usually ‘public’, but this varies from server to server so if you are unsure, please contact to your hosting provider.

    4- Add your database information

            Edit integration.php and enter your DATABASE details.

    /* DATABASE */

    $db_usertable = '';
    $db_usertable_name = '';
    $db_usertable_userid = '';
    $db_avatartable = '';
    $db_avatarfield = '';

    5- Installation

            * Step 1 - Now run install.php file through your web browser. URL should be ‘’.

              Once the installation is completed, after that two code snippets will be displayed on your monitor. The first line will be of code for docked themes like Glass, Hangout, Facebook etc. And second line of code will be for embedded theme i.e. Synergy. Now copy the displayed code depending on whether you wish to use docked themes or embedded theme. Also, the page may display a list of files and folders which may require additional permissions. CHMOD those files/folders will come with 777 permissions.

              * step 2 - Now edit your template header file. Your template file should be ‘/src/Template/Layout/default.ctp’. In template header file after opening head tag, paste the copied code:

    <link type="text/css" href="/<CakePHP_Root_Folder>/webroot/cometchat/cometchatcss.php" rel="stylesheet" charset="utf-8">
    <script type="text/javascript" src="/<CakePHP_Root_Folder>/webroot/cometchat/cometchatjs.php" charset="utf-8"></script>

    6- Now delete/rename install.php file in ‘/cometchat’ folder.

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