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  • Know the Reasons for Hiring Quality Mobile App Development Company

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    The revolution in the world of technology has impacted nearly every aspect of live. From social media and lifestyle to business and industries, mobility is the next big thing. The latest statistics project that 70 percent of the global population is projected to get smartphone savvy by 2020—hitting the 6.1 billion marks. This uninhibited growth trajectory is turning heads towards the mammoth potential of the app development sector.


    However, building a custom-made application is no easy feat. So, for a mobile app development company, the payoff is greater through collaboration with a mobile app development agency. It is better than hiring in-house resources or freelancers due to the sheer value-addition to the project.


    The market is currently overloaded with app developers with diverse credentials. Hiring a mobile app development agency means you are actually getting a partner on board, a co-developer. But there are chances that it can get tricky. You need to keep your requirements in mind and maintain clear-cut communications while trying to forge a partnership with an external agency. The right agency will cover the following aspects before signing up.


    Here are the reasons for hiring a mobile app development company:


    Optimum Value to Users Post-Development

    Any mobile application development company should focus on the target audience and try to include their preferences in the best possible way. The mobile app development agency should share the same vision and try to create apps keeping your customer base in mind.


    Bring in Improvements

    Mobile application development is a dynamic process that merits constant innovation with every upgrade. A professional mobile app development agency should be brimming with ideas when it comes to improving your project or making it a few notches better.


    Past Track Record

    As a mobile app development company, your final goal is to grab a slice of the booming smartphone pie and get your share of revenue. In this respect, the track record of the mobile app development agency could become a key differentiator. However, this does not guarantee fail-proof apps altogether, as success depends on a lot of other factors as well.


    The Development Team

    Apart from the project manager, you should be able to keep the communication channel open to the entire development team engaged in your project. This will help you to have a clear visibility into the past projects performed by the developers and how they can add value to your project.


    Now let’s look at some of the advantages that you have once you bring a mobile app development agency to build customized apps for your company:


    The Right Expertise

    A mobile app development agency has proven expertise in developing apps only. So, it’s better to leverage that competency, while focusing your time and resources on building your company in terms of branding and marketing. Though the IT department or in-house teams can pitch in it’s always better to outsource the development work to an agency. This will help your internal teams to focus on market research and track feedback speeding up the development process.


    Specific Knowledge Suited for Custom App Development

    There are high chances that your in-house techies will have multiple engagements at hand. So, by relying on an app development agency, you are giving the development mandate to experts who professionally manage apps only and nothing else. Mobile app development agencies are also accustomed to the current trends in user demands and technologies. This niche specific expertise might help you cover grounds that had gone unnoticed.


    Contracts at a Fixed Price

    A mobile app development agency will charge you a fixed price for their work in terms of the total cost of creating the app. This lets you manage your budget better since you have a clear idea of the costs involved in building an app even before you have given the contract. You will most likely manage to bring down the costs when you involve the services of an agency for app development because your own overhead costs are usually higher.


    Project Management Expertise

    The pressure of conceptualizing and implementing an app can be nerve-racking for new entrepreneurs. In this case, a mobile app development agency can actually come to the rescue by deploying project managers dedicated to your project. They take care of the entire operations surrounding the app development while acting as a bridge between your company and the assigned developers. This also ensures that everyone concerned is on the same page.


    Ever-Increasing Growth of Apps

    This fact is hard to ignore. The app market is seeing an all-time growth. Studies suggest that 89 percent of smartphone consumption is centered on various apps and this is going to increase with the expansion of smartphone market. A mobile app development agency will take care of the product and make it beautiful, efficient and scalable.


    Forge Lasting Relationship

    As your company grows, your apps will also need to get updated in order to stay ahead of the competition. You need to introduce changes by tweaking details, sprucing up aesthetics and improving the functional aspects. All these will be effectively taken care off once you forge an ongoing relationship with a mobile app development company. Since the agency has already worked on your project, they will have the required accountability and knowledge when it comes to releasing frequent upgrades. This will make your apps stay in the pink of their health throughout its lifecycle.


    When it comes to launching a new app in the competitive market, it is imperative that they are platform and device agnostic. A mobile app development agency will have access to the best technologies surrounding the MADP platforms that will create highly compatible apps. Big agencies are mostly on top of their games when it comes implementing tools and technologies in their latest avatar. It is always better to rest your faith on the best technologies and resources to achieve the desired outcome of garnering superior market share.


    Intensive research and analysis are needed while choosing a mobile app development agency. This is crucial to ensure that the apps fetch the expected outcomes. Often, it is seen that internal resource strength is not adequate, especially, when the turnaround time is extremely short. You can consider MADP Platforms like many companies offer in such circumstances.


    MADP provides end-to-end solutions that spans the entire lifecycle of mobile application development process; right from the specification of requirements to the actual deployment. Its low-code apps can be launched 10 times faster with an attractive interface and superior security mechanisms, in comparison to conventional methods. The platform adapts with major mobile OS platforms like iOS, Android and Windows. It integrates seamlessly with existing systems and can be scaled to match changing business dynamics.


    The market is seeing a slew of new app launches almost every day. So just launching an app is not enough. An advanced and easy-to-operate MADP will help you stand out. With capabilities catering to the entire value chain of app development, the MADP platform can even eradicate the need for a mobile app development agency. It also lets you launch cross-platform apps that are user-friendly and affordable.

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