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  • Kotlin- Bridge Between Android and iPhone Mobile App Development

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    Kotlin is a cross-platform programming language that is supported by Google for Android app development launched in Feb 2016. It is declared as an official language for Android by Google. This language is designed to work reliably with JAVA language. It also has made cross-platform development easier. This programming language also resembles Swift, which is the programming language for iOS. It is the reason Kotlin language helps in bridging up the android and iPhone app development. Kotlin is very convenient for database development as it replaces java language.


    Kotlin language makes it very easier to go with completely Kotlin based apps and making them communicate with the same language in the backend, instead of having an interpreter. An iPhone app development company uses this language as a cross-platform to build apps which can support both the android and iOS platform. Let us look at the features Kotlin language proposes, followed by how Kotlin is similar to Swift.


    Kotlin's Features:

    • It is an open-source programming language.
    • This language offers a feature called lazy-loading. It reduces the startup time of an app.
    • It allows you to add extra functionality to the existing code.
    • It interoperates with JAVA. It allows using the extra advantages available within Kotlin directly to JAVA coding.
    • It is designed to remove the danger of null references from the code.
    • It supports the smart cast feature. It checks for a specific type and then allows all the functions related to that type.
    • It makes convenient to destructure an object into multiple variables. It is called a destructuring declaration.
    • Its collection feature allows one to monitor what the result list would contain by using filters.
    • UI earlier used made it difficult to convert android apps to iOS ones. Kotlin has come up as a solution to this as well by allowing developers to design a hybrid UI that can support android and iOS platforms ver well.


    Similarities with Swift language:

    • It is considered as "the swift of android".
    • The syntax of both languages is transparent and concise. Both of the syntaxes do not resemble each other completely but around 77% of string similarity is in the small chunks of codes.
    • Both of the syntaxes are efficient.
    • Developers also appreciate the elegance both syntaxes possess.
    • Both languages are accepted to be reliable as well as secure for big projects.
    • Both languages are considered to be static and strong for typing and can work well with dynamic types.
    • Kotlin and Swift both are not many wordy languages.
    • Easy to learn and very comfortable to work with.
    • These languages are interoperable with both JAVA and Objective-C. It makes Kotlin more efficient as it allows working on a new project without damaging the older ones.


    Now, let us look at a very basic difference in Android and iOS development.

    • iOS development- hooks provide matches lifecycle of the view and helps in creating an intuitive and easy system.
    • Android development- Hooks follow the state of the controller making the life cycle of the view to fusing with the state of the controller. this makes the fundamental separation of MVC.


    Wrap up

    With this, I am wrapping up my discussion on how Kotlin is behaving as a bridge between android and iPhone app development. All the features and similarities discussed above help to maintain an app across Android and iOS more intuitive. Functional and syntactical similarities between Kotlin and swift, make application functionalities more similar in android and iPhone app development. This also makes development, testing, and maintenance of an app easier and quicker. By using, Kotlin as a cross-platform between Android and iPhone app development, iOS apps to reach to Android users will be easier.

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