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  • Memset in C

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    Memset is used to fill first n bytes in the block of memory pointed by a pointer to a specific character interpreted as an unsigned char. Memset is defined under string.h header.

    Function Prototype

    void * memset ( void * ptr, int value, size_t num );

    About the parameters
    ptr is the pointer to the block of memory
    the value to be filled
    number of bytes to be filled

    Sample program using memset

    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <string.h>
    int main()
            char c[] = "Findnerd";
            printf("Before applying memset : %s\n",c);
            printf("After applying memset  : %s\n",c);
            return 0;

    Output of the above program

    Before applying memset : Findnerd
    After applying memset  : ++++nerd

    In case you declare an integer array of size n with name arr and you want to fill all the locations with 0, then you can use memset instead of writing a separate code to set all the locations to 0. Use the following syntax for this purpose.

    This will set all memory locations in integer array arr to 0.

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