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  • Modernize Your SME or Business With A Cloud Computing Solution

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    Keep accounting and management up to date with cloud services or in the “cloud”. In a world of constant competitiveness, whether or not you have the most advanced productivity tools can mean achieving your goals or not with cloud solutions and services, whether you are self-employed or SME, your business will benefit from greater efficiency and agility in management. Take your accounting and management up to date with one of our cloud or connectivity solutions and your day to day will be easier. Your business will thank you at the end of the month.


    4 Basic Concepts To Understand What Are “Cloud Services” Or “Cloud”?


    What Is Cloud Computing?

    Along with the Cloud Services Provider, all you need is a web connection to access your business data and the applications your company uses, which are stored in powerful remote computers, called servers.


    How The Magic Of The “Cloud” Happens

    With the solutions in the “cloud” it is no longer necessary to rent the hardware to run the program that you use in your company, you just have to pay to use the software that runs on the equipment of the service providers (this is known as ” software as a service “or” SaaS “).


    Services In The Cloud

    Services and solutions PaaS, SaaS, IaaS, BaaS the for public, hybrid or private cloud


    Why Hire A Cloud Services Provider?

    In the last 3 years, the increase in the data stored by companies has been over 65%. According to experts in the coming years, due to the digital transformation of the SME, this data will grow exponentially. The adoption of new technologies in companies to compete in new markets means that they increasingly need more infrastructures to store and process all the information they collect from business applications.


    This will make IT infrastructure costs multiply, making it increasingly necessary to use services in the cloud that allow us to grow according to our needs without triggering the technological costs of our company.




    There are many advantages for companies that decide to take the step to the cloud.


    Always Updated

    Do not worry about migrations to new versions of your virtual infrastructure licenses, cloud service providers will take care that your service is up to date.


    Reduce Your Costs

    The cost savings that occurs in hardware, maintenance, reduction of the cost of air conditioning and energy or the licensing of the CPD because of Cloud Services Provider platform.


    Payment For Use

    With service in the cloud, you will pay simply for what you use, being able to climb at any time to a superior service or lower to a lower one if your needs are greater or lesser with a simple click of your mouse.


    The Best Data Center

    Forget about large financial outlays in data centers that will take forever to make optimal use and that will be obsolete before you can recover the investment.

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