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    Database Normalization

    Normalization is a technique of managing records in a database. It is an approach to eliminate data redundancy and anamolies . It also removes data duplicacy in a record. It helps in data update,delete and insert anamolies.Without normalisation,it becomes tough to handle database records.I illustrate an example to show how anamolies exists in a record or database.

    Emp_id        Emp_Name         Emp_City        Emp_Specialisation
     1011        Akshat garg       Mumbai          C++
     1012        Akhil Semwal      Pune           JAVA
     1013        Suzan Arora       Pune           C++
     1014       Shruti gupta       Nanital        PHP

    There are three types of anamolies in a record.

    Update Anamoly : data will become inconsistent,if there exist two or more type of similar data in a record.

    Insert Anamoly : If we do vacant a data of a person or employee or any other kind of record, yet then also we have to insert NULL on that empty place of a respective record.

    Delete Anamoly : If primary key of a record does not contains any data temporarily,so if we delete that row ,the whole record of database shall be deleted.

    Normalization Forms.
    There are several types of normalizations.

    1. First Normal Form 
    2. Second Normal Form 
    3. Third Normal Form 
    4. BCNF (Boyce and Codd  Normal Form)
    5. Fourth Normal Form
    6. Fifth Normal Form

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