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    Answer it

    I am looking for a good approach to this problem.

    I wish to build a PHP/MySQL app that maintains configurations in MySQL.  Specifically, there will be projects that each contain a different web screen that includes a background image with 1-50 objects in the foreground. Each object will have an ID and when clicked it will look up the ID and do certain things based on the MySQL configurations for that object.  I can build a screen for each project that includes the background and foreground objects; however, each project means adding a new screen to the code and then uploading a new version.

    I would prefer to save the screen in MySQL and load the image/objects when the project is requested.  This is where, I fall short and need help as you will certainly note!  If I were to store the background image with the foreground objects as a JPG/PNG then it is a simple image and all objects are integral to this image, thus they will not act as objects.  I suspect I can first lay down the background image, then retrieve all foreground objects from MySQL and then drop their individual PNG image onto the background image based on their stored X,Y position.  IS THERE AN EASIER WAY TO ACCOMPLISH THIS?

    Thanks for your help!


 1 Answer(s)

  • Hello Sir,

    I go through your post and there are many questions arises. You want to create an app so will it be web based or mobile based?. For mobile app you need convas to implement this. In web you need jquery based code to accomplish this. Your requirement seems like painter or photoshop. It needs a lot of work to complete.

    Thanks & Regards Deepak Verma

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