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  • Photoshop Batch Editing Function

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    Hey Guys!!

    If you are a Graphic Designer, then you probably aware of the value of good time management. Many times Graphic designers are required to work tight deadlines to get projects completed. I knew this because I'm also a graphic designer. Saving even a couple of minutes of design time can benefit the ability to apply yourself fully to a project. Right!!

    So, here I am going to share a great graphic design tip that could save our few mins on our tight schedule...& it calls Photoshop Batch Editing function.

    If you're already using the Batch editing function in Photoshop,then you know how magically it works :) but, if you don't, then you need to start doing so right now :)

    Editing a Batch of Images in Photoshop:

    Suppose , We have a task in which we have to edit bunch of images in the same way, for example we have to resize & apply Sharpen filter on all of these images, then how we'll do that?? we'll keep doing whole process on image by image & then it will become a long & time-consuming boring task. But the Photoshop Batch Editing tool allows us to record and save an action so we can apply this to a batch of images & edit all the images in same time.

    Creating an image export action

    1. Go to the Window menu > Action for open the Actions palette , and create a new set by clicking on the folder icon at the bottom of the actions palette & Named it "Batch Actions."

    2. Then create a new Action by clicking on the new action icon at the bottom of the Action palette, and give it a name,i.e. "Resize_Sharpen". Our Action should now be recording, so anything we do from this point on will be included as an Action step.
    We'll do all the editing as we want to record, then save the changes.

    When we're done, we can see this new command listed in the Actions palette. If we expand this command, we'll see all of the settings we've applied during editing the image.

    After all the editing is complete, we'll stop recording our Action by clicking on the stop icon on the Actions palette.
    Now we're ready to batch process.

    Applying the Action to a batch
    Now we will apply this batch to a folder which contains the images, we want to resize in the same way as we've done before. But we'll make sure that all of the images we want to "apply this action to " are contained in one folder. Then,

    1. Choose File > Automate > Batch.

    2. At the top of the dialog that pops up, select our new Action 'Resize_Sharpen' from the list of available Actions.

    3. In the section below that, we'll set the Source to "Folder." Click the "Choose" button, and select the folder which contains the images we want to process for editing.

    We should check the options
    1.Suppress File open options dialogs
    2.Suppress color profile warnings
    By checking on these will suppress warnings that would interrupt the batch processing :X

    4. In the section below that, set the Destination to "None." This will allow us to use the destinations that we recorded in our Action, so that the images will be saved in the same folder.

    When we choose "None" as our destination, all other options in that section will be grayed out.

    5. Now hit the "OK," and Photoshop will begin processing our images.

    Depending on the amount of images we’re dealing with, Batch editing function can save our hours of time. So use this script when required & save the time to enjoy a cup of coffee during projects deadlines. ;)

    Note: Saving files using the Batch command options usually saves the files in the same format as the original files. To create a batch process that saves files in a new format, record the Save As command followed by the Close command as part of your original action. Then choose Override Action “Save As” Commands for the Destination when setting up the batch process.


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