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  • Planning to Build an Application Like Uber? Things You Should Know

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    Taxi booking app services have become an essential part of our lives. Ever since companies like Uber and Lyft came into the market, traveling has become more convenient. Within a few minutes, you get a taxi waiting at your doorsteps to pick you up. Uber came into existence nine years back in the year of 2010. Once it was launched, there was no looking back. This revolutionary taxi booking app made its way throughout the world. People have enjoyed the only service it provides - prompt taxi service.

    From a customer count of 6000 users in the first 7-8 months, Uber has now more than 100 million+ users monthly. With a yearly revenue of nearly $11 billion in 2018, Uber has become the world's biggest taxi service provider. Quite inspiring right? Yes, it surely is. So we won't be surprised if you want to build your own taxi app development company.

    However, it is not an easy task, and there are several aspects to keep in mind. If you can take care of all those areas, only then you will be able to build a successful Uber clone app. Keep reading the article to know more about what are the necessary areas you will need to focus on.

    Features For Your Uber Clone App

    To build an app like Uber, you will have to take care of a lot of features in different categories. Taxi app development teams spend months to make sure all the elements are working fine. Similarly, you will have to know about them in details as well. There are two major categories of features you will need to work on -

    Customer app features -

    The features which ensure customer convenience, safety, and accessibility.

    Driver app features -

    The app that will be used by the drivers to serve their passengers the right way.

    Each of these categories involves a different set of features which primarily help the stakeholders to manage their app. Your Uber clone app will be incomplete or inefficient if you do not pay equal attention to any one of them. Now we will discuss in details what are the features you must need to include in these two categories.

    Customer App Features  

    the very first category which you will need to pay attention to is the customer app. Mobile app development company India, can help you develop such an application. Here are the most important features to be included in it.

    Track the ride - 

    You will have to provide your users with an option to check the journey which they booked. This feature will allow the customer to check the time and distance remaining for the driver to arrive. Once the pickup and drop locations are entered, the tracking feature will be beneficial. With the help of the inbuilt map, the user will check to track the ride.


    Fare Estimate Calculator - 

    As soon as the user choose their ride and enters their pickup and drop location they will need the fare estimate. With the help of an algorithm, the app will calculate the estimated fare.


    Multiple Payment Methods -

    Your app must support different kinds of payment methods. The most important of them include cash, debit card, credit card, mobile payment wallets, etc.


    Ride History - 

    There will be several customers who will ride daily. So they would want to use the ride history feature to check the details about a particular ride they took. They will be able to view the dates, time and route of the journey.


    Schedule Ride - 

    Many passengers love to keep their rides scheduled beforehand. So your app must allow them to schedule a taxi according to their preferred time and date.


    Book for Others -

    This is a convenient feature which allows a user to book a taxi for someone else. The procedure will be the same, but only the passenger will be someone else. Once the ride is, the passenger gets all the details via SMS and email.


    Panic Button -

    To ensure the safety of the passengers, you must include the panic button feature. Once used it will immediately notify the company authorities and the nearest police station based on the current location.


    Favorite Locations -

    This feature comes handy because it allows users to select their most visited places with one tap. So they will not have to type and memorize any address or location name.

    So here are the top features which you will need to integrate into your Uber clone app. These features are essential for the success of your app. Therefore you must focus on them individually with considerable expertise. Taxi app development teams make sure that their app is loaded with all the different features.

    Driver App Features 

    now we will discuss the different driver app features which must be present.

    Driver Review -

    You need to provide your customers with an opportunity to rate and write a review about their driver. This will allow them to highlight anything negative or positive about the person. So it will help the company to take action if there is any need for it.


    Route Optimization -

    The app must be quick and efficient to provide the driver with a route. Once the user enters his/her drop location, the app must show the best course. This will help in better navigation and help the passengers to reach their destination on time.


    Quest Rewards -

    Your uber clone app will be a hit if you can provide with quest rewards. It comes with some new targets and orders which the driver needs to complete to earn extra money.


    2 Minutes Cancellation -

    Drivers will not wait for their passengers forever. This is an advanced feature which tracks the time a driver is waiting for the passenger. The first 2 minutes if waiting is free but the time taken after that is chargeable.


    Heat Maps -

    This feature helps the drivers to check which area on the map has the most passenger density. So they can drive to that location and get more passenger requests.

    With the customer app features, the features for the driver app is essential as well. Therefore any taxi app development company will make sure to work on both the categories equally.

    Things to Keep in Mind  

    Apart from integrating these important features into the Uber clone app, there are few things to keep in mind.

    • User-friendly navigation easy to understand
    • Smooth UI/UX designs without any lag
    • Ecstatic visuals and attractive graphics
    • Real-time functionality and tracking


    With the help of mobile app development company India, you will be able to pull off an app like Uber. There are various aspects of working on; therefore it will require maximum professionalism and minimum mistakes. 


    Final Verdict 

    the prospect of developing an app like Uber or Lyft is very interesting and lucrative. If you build the right way with all the essential elements, you can manage to make a brilliant app. Taxi service apps are becoming more popular every year. So it is high time that you start working on such a project which will allow the people to use it very soon.

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