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  • Pointers in C language

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    Pointer is a variable which stores address of another variable. It points to an address of a value. Pointers in C language is declared using * i.e. asterik symbol.

    int *i;//pointer to int
    char *ch;//pointer to char .


    #include <stdio.h>      
    #include <conio.h>    
    void main(){      
    int num=20;  
    int *b;    
    b=&num;//stores the address of num variable  
    printf("Address of number variable is %x \n",&num);  
    printf("Address of p variable is %x \n",b);  
    printf("Value of p variable is %d \n",*b);  


    Address of num variable is fff4
    Address of b variable is fff4
    Value of b variable is 20

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