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  • React Native vs. React.JS - Which is better for Mobile Apps?

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    Today, Mobile Development Companies and app developers need much better ways to develop web apps. Since more and more people are now using their mobile phones to surf the Internet than PCs or laptops, mobile app development has become a trend that continues to rise. This is one of the big reasons why React JS and React Native are being widely used by App Development Companies in India and other parts of the globe.



    While these are practically handy for developers, we would like to make a comparison between these two to determine which one suits you the best.


    In the first place, ReactJS and React Native are open sourced by Facebook. They both function on a same concept and developers can write JSX on both platforms. What actually differentiates them is the rendering mechanism that both utilize.


    ReactJS Development Framework

    The ReactJS framework is a library, and not actually a broad framework. It is supported with extensive community backing and a robust groundwork. React JS is used to create reusable UI components and also for handling the view layer of web apps. This development framework is utilized on both the server & client side. It also uses virtual DOM to improve app performance.


    Why Use React JS?

    If you are a developer who concentrates more on simple libraries than complete framework, using React JS could be an ideal option. In case you have carried out a restructuring or updated an existing code, React JS framework can help pull out the UI pieces and recreate the same, and doing so simplifies the process. React JS can be really advantageous if you have new or current projects and you are thinking about writing a large or medium scale app.


    React JS is progressing significantly at a very rapid pace and is making outstanding developments in the frameworks domains.  


    With ReactJS, you can creatively improve the SEO of your web app as it renders your pages completely, from the server to the browser. Debugging speed is also enhanced with the benefit of making your developer’s life easier.


    React Native Development Framework

    React Native framework comes with modules & components that help enhance app performance. Different from other frameworks that render code via WebView just like Phonegap, Cordova, etc., React Native renders specific code modules with native API. With React Native, you enjoy the entire benefits that React JS also provides.


    With React Native, you don’t have to worry about separately building same app for iOS & Android, as the framework lets developers reprocess the common logic layer. With this, you can build better apps that are more responsive.


    With JavaScript knowledge, using React Native comes very easy. This allows you as a front-end web developer to also function as a mobile developer.


    With React Native, you don’t need to overhaul an old app, as you can simply add React Native UI components to such app’s code, without need to rewrite anything.


    Conclusion: So which is better?

    In simple terms, React JS is great for building high functional, dynamic, responsive UI for web apps, while React Native is offers mobile apps that exclusive native feel. So, based on your project requirements, you can accordingly choose the one that best fits your project needs.

    React Native vs. React.JS - Which is better for Mobile Apps?

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