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  • Reasons Why Mobile Apps Fail to Reach Beyond Limitations

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    The mobile industry is reaching towards the endless scope to gain user attention and new apps are added daily in the play stores where they compete to get the top position. It is also a fact that as the demand is increasing, competition is also making failures a great deal of chance.


    Mobile app development is not too much expensive but the enormous time and money that is invested is huge and businesses do not want a failed app. It is a great challenge for many businesses who want to create mobile apps for their businesses as more than 80% of the apps developed are abandoned after the very first use. This makes many businesses think “What makes a successful mobile app”


    The answer to this complicated query often lie in the mistakes that are behind the unsuccessful apps. Let’s start by providing you the reasons why mobile apps fail.


    Complicated App

    The websites and many of the web apps work in a similar fashion; the users navigate the pages and then access or manipulate the data to perform their desired task. The working of Mobile apps is a lot different and there are many complex and resource-rich process that make a mobile app successful. There are limited set of tasks and enable the users to perform quickly while the navigation performs. Mobile apps needs to be simple and serving the large gateways of offering the websites.


    Understanding the target audience

    The major concerns for mobile apps is they fail to understand the targeted audiences that can doom you quicker than expected. You need to consider the audience who are interfacing the apps as it will certainly paint a very blurry picture about the ideas and concept behind the app and the ideas will never reach the right audience.


    Business Issues with Mobile Apps

    •        The strategy
    •        Incompatible strategy
    •        The budget
    •        Device compatibility
    •        Quality assurance
    •        User experience
    •        Complicated
    •        Weak marketing
    •        Poor audience
    •        Neglecting the competition


    The Perfect Platform

    Before deciding to launch or make an app, you need to be sure about the platform and if you are still undecided than it could be a wholesome trouble shoot for you. The app cannot just run on a certain platform as it suits your predisposition, the app must be for all the audiences and the preferences must be generated.


    Whether the designed app is for any platform, the failure comes when the result of the performance is low and the quality of the user-experience is lacking. This is due to the non-understanding of the platforms.


    Security risks

    One of the toughest part for an app is the creation process which the public is facing. The developers need time and complete access with permissions and business logics to assume the risk and the layer of complexities that can fail to function the app.  The API provides the consumer an access to the data and this cannot be created without the exposing logic with a guided solution.


    About the writer:

    Darren Anderson is a creative web developer and has been working under the banner of TradeBakerz since last many years providing solutions for creating mobile apps according to the variations of the businesses.

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